WHY LOOK BACK? How the TrueSelf characteristic of ‘Conduit’ guides you magically.

Law of attraction

[an abridged extract from The 10-Second Philosophy, by Derek Mills – published by Hay House]

Ben Saunders, the Polar explorer, is a friend and, at the time of writing, he is one of only three people to have skied solo to the North Pole, and the youngest to do so by some 10 years. The Times in the UK called him ‘The next Ranulph Fiennes.’ Ben describes an episode where he avoided death by following his intuition. Three days into a trek to the North Pole, all he could see out of his hood and goggles was snow and his skis. Every day he went forward, focused, never looking back – there was really no point in looking back. On the third day, with no auditory or visual clues, he had an inner compulsion to look over his left shoulder and saw a polar bear – top of the food chain in the North Pole! The polar bear was eventually put to flight by a warning shot from Ben’s sawn-off shotgun (something polar explorers always carry, apparently, in case of run-ins with bears). When we met for lunch I only had one question for him: ‘What made you stop and look back?’ I must admit his response didn’t surprise me: “A feeling really, just a feeling”


You can utilize this intelligent energy to know when to make a phone call, where to go, even where to sit. Or you can use it to enhance or save a life. In the past you might have had hunches and perhaps followed through on them, maybe not. In the past you might have had an urge to call a family member or friend, only to hear them say, ‘Wow, I was just thinking about you this second.’

Have you ever been curious, I mean really curious, about what’s happening in those instances? Why everyone has similar experiences of this? What is this connection that exists but doesn’t have any cables – in fact, no physical or visual clues at all? The Law of Connection states that we’re all connected ‘wirelessly’ though the ether. It’s only through lack of belief, use, and application that we don’t benefit more from the unified field that makes up our connective. Try it.

All things are connected. And because we are one thing, everything affects everything else. Therefore when we harm another living thing (and all things are living) we directly or indirectly harm ourselves. The Conduit to intelligent energy connects us to all people and information, even when it’s formed in another person’s mind, the air, the trees, the ground and the animals – including the lions, tigers, and bears. Conduit warns you about dangers outside.

What was that ‘feeling’? How was it able to guide him away from mortal danger? What else can that feeling do? Where does it come from? Can we, by design, access that feeling to guide us more, even against logic? By now, you know the answer to that question.

You may never cross the North Pole solo, but begin to imagine the power of your TrueSelf guiding you in your business and life, the same way it guided Ben Saunders. Conduit gave Ben the ‘feeling,’ because it couldn’t come from any other place, and it saved his life. Ben was used to being alone and concentrating on his abilities to guide him, and if you continually work at strengthening any connection, just like widening a water supply pipe, it serves you better.

This is how Conduit works: As a result of being in your TrueSelf you literally go to a place where the connective sinew is strengthened. Learn how to access the conduit. You will appear like a genius, when in fact all you’re doing is applying the Law of Connection…

[The 10-Second Philosophy*- A Practical guide For Success & Happiness]