What the Dickens…

What the Dickens… (200 years old and Charles is still making a difference)..

Are there keys to finding who and what you really are?

See www.derek-mills.com to find the answer to the question:

Why order the new movie ‘The Keeper of the Keys’ on DVD? 


Also would you like the answer to the questions: How do you become truly ‘Happy’? How come we are never really alone? These questions are answered too.

I only have a cameo appearance in the film, as an expert on simple and quick change, but it is full of Powerful Messages from some of my American friends, who are experts in their field. It includes the world’s foremost relationship expert, Dr. John Gray, whom you all will know from the Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus books. If you’ve ever read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book then you will be familiar with Jack Canfield who heads up the international cast. Based upon Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’, it is fun too.