What am I So Grateful For?’

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What am I So grateful for?


My many Mistakes – For they lead me to my path.

My past Broken Hearts – Because my heart became strong enough to open more.

My Teachers – They are many and few work in schools.

My Hardships – For they strengthened me and taught me that this too will pass.

What I haven’t got – Because this keeps me alive, growing and learning.

Losses – Because I appreciate what I have and the gains from those losses.

Eternity – The knowledge that I always was, am now, and forever will BE.

Having – An inexhaustible number of things to be grateful for.

My pain – For it is wrapped in empathy and appreciation for well-being.

Opportunity – That chance to share and make a difference.

Today – My present-time experience.

Love – The greatest gift; that I can give and receive it without limit.

For you – You know why.

What are you grateful for?

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© Derek R. Mills 2014