Vision of a Welsh Wizard!


TrueSelf Magic

[an extract from The 10-Second Philosophy, by Derek Mills – published by Hay House]

Ryan Giggs was one of the greatest soccer players ever, and is still the most decorated player in the English Premier League and the world. He has played almost 1000 games at the top of the sport. Ryan gained fame because of his ability to run past the opposition and do incredible things with the ball. In his very late 30s he still plays for Manchester United, one of the most successful soccer clubs in the world. While I’m not a fan of the club, I am however a fan of the power and ‘Faculty’ Ryan accessed during his career, which made him one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Ryan once shared how he got in the ‘flow’ when he played. He spoke about the way that he often gets into a place where his foveal (central) vision drops away and he sees instead with peripheral vision. He described how in that place, everything else around him seemed to slow down. I don’t know about you, but….. I figure that if you can play any sport or engage in any physical activity with an expanded vision and your opponents seem to slow down, would it be any wonder that you could play like a wizard?

Faculty is our hidden talents, abilities, and skills. Faculty is *ONE OF THE 4 CHARACTERISTICS OF TRUESELF. We don’t regularly tap into it, but when we do, we awaken the genius within. You may have first accessed and used your gifts and talents when you were a child, or early on in your adult life. You may have thought of your Faculty as a ‘state’ you were in, or described it as ‘I don’t know what was happening/I don’t know how I did that.’ You may even have laughed it off when challenged about how and why you performed so incredibly well, unlike your usual self. You dismissed your Faculty because you were too busy in life to notice what was really happening in and around you.

When you’re living and working without your greatest abilities at play, life is tough, it’s no joke. You may have felt that you are on a treadmill, without the time or inclination to look left, right, or up. At times you might feel as if you are running just because the treadmill is moving faster. 

Occasionally, however, you may have caught yourself in the right space inside yourself, with everything working out exceptionally well, and you perform at an exquisite level. You perhaps called it being ‘in the zone’ or ‘in the flow’ as you were taught, but when the moment passed you got on with ordinary life. You might not have realized the significance of what had just taken place, but these moments are actually when you’re in your Faculty. Let me be clear; this philosophy categorically states that there is NO SUCH THING AS ZONE OR FLOW – IT IS ONLY YOUR TRUESELF FACULTY AT PLAY. Most people trip over their faculty, so to speak, and walk on as if nothing unusual has happened. It’s rather like discovering you have a superpower, only to ignore it because you’re too busy getting on with your life. What would happen if you could LEARN HOW TO ACCESS YOUR FACULTY EVENTUALLY AT WILL? What if you could access your Faculty daily? What might your life look like? 

If you found you could fly, you wouldn’t ignore it would you?

Those who use their TrueSelf characteristic of ‘Faculty’, rise to THEIR top sooner and stay there longer!

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