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What if much of what we have been taught about ‘success & happiness’ over the last 100 years, isn’t the way or the Tao? Have you ever considered that you have far more abilities, talents and gifts that you have not yet released into your life? Could it at least be possible that within each of us is part of the intelligence of the universe and that this same infinite intelligence is something that you can tap into daily?  What if, after years of ‘failure’ or unhappiness or feeling of unfulfilledness, you tapped in and discovered that you were a genius, and that you could revolutionise your life and maybe the world?

Yet here we are in a world of physical rules like ‘gravity’ and worldly rules such as ‘if you don’t pay your bills they take your house away’. How do we, reconcile these two ideas? In business and in our dealings with others, we can bring our genius, which is our TrueSelf, into our lives and create wealth, transformation, make a difference, or help others in a way that we can not currently perceive is possible. Quantum Success in business can be achieved by learning and utilising the ABC&C™ (Authentic, Balanced, Centred & Connected) of the 10-Second Philosophy. The same system can be used in ‘life’ life. This is one of the keys to your inner genius making practical immediate changes in your life. 

Consider this – when life is NOT happening for us the way that it should, when it is not flowfull for us, we can take that as a signal that we need to get back into TrueSelf and to (ABC&C™). Then our lives take on a magnificent hue; as it should be.

I suggest that we are all gifted beings and what we need is not just a philosophy, but practical approach that will help us get into and stay in our genius, because then, we will achieve the success and be the happiness.  Our genius is our TrueSelf. It is the essence of who we truly are and what we came here as.  Happiness is a right of experience.

Do you set goals?
Tell me, how’s that working out for you?
How’s that methodology working out for the world?
Have you ever considered that your goals create a disconnect between you and your happiness?
Have you considered that goals create a disconnect between you and your genius?

The 10 -Second Philosophy® book and workshop does consider these fundamental points…

Each of us has passions, intentions, gifts, abilities and desires which are deep within us. How do we make a goal about something that we do not even know is within us? How do we become all we can be when we allow the world to constrain us, keeping us tied to its limiting rules? What if setting goals, based upon what the world thinks we should do, causes us to crush or further diminish our TrueSelf gift?

The 10-Second Philosophy® is a practical, EVERYDAY Philosophy that we can use today, to bring us success and happiness. It provides you with the resources and wherewithal to get the answers to the above questions for yourself. Within you is a guru, a genius no less. When you appreciate and learn how to access your genius, there will be a transformation within you.

I am sharing some of my philosophy at the annual Tree of Life Festival on Saturday 1st June at St. Columba Hall, Chantry Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ.

Do join us there,
Take a look below,
Take action today.

The Tree of Life Festival is on Saturday 1 June! Click on the image below for full festival programme info & to book: