Trust child jumping


Since she was about four years old, our youngest child, Dominique, would often call me into the hall, climb five or six stairs, and then jump into my arms. She has never asked me, ‘Will you catch me Daddy?’ She just jumps.

I love those kinds of moments, don’t you? Dominique’s jump causes me to feel ‘trust’ as my outgoing emotion. She leaps and trusts that I will always be there for her. I’m there for her because I know that she trusts me, I trust the fact that she trusts me, and I act accordingly. In doing so I become that trust.

I reproduce that trust as a Standard emotion when dealing with others. Regardless of what a new client or audience is thinking, one of the Standards I hold for our connection is one of trust. This causes us both, via that connection, to act differently. All of us put trust in the wrong people at times. In my business life I recruited two people who proved that my trust had been misplaced. However, my experience is that a person’s lack of integrity eventually proves a bigger problem for them than the problem they cause in the short term. I’m more learned now, but their way of being didn’t change my core self, and in my TrueSelf, I stay trusting future relationships.

When I speak at Mind Body Spirit, financial planning or self-help type events I believe the audience senses my trust. They don’t know how they feel trust, but they do. This is right for them and for me. They feel they want to be part of that ‘something.’ Among my clients are disproportionate numbers of accountants, former accountants, financial directors, and former financial directors. I have never targeted this sector. It’s as if they notice that ‘something’ and they, for once use their inner guru to guide them rather than the brain or ego. When I’m with clients – whether corporate, personal coaching, or financial planning – I’m open and honest. I am true to myself because I know that the more I am, the stronger the connection.

A few short years ago, when I finally woke up and listened to my TrueSelf, I was able to ask, and begin to answer, some of the big questions, such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is right for me?’ When I look introspectively, feelings, thoughts, words, and guidance are there. We best serve and honour ourselves when we take action from that place. Our TrueSelf has a voice and we need to listen to it and follow what comes from that place. Take action upon the guidance therein. When we begin to trust ourselves it’s as if our TrueSelf learns once more to trust us, trusting that we will follow through on its truth. Therefore it provides us with more…

As that relationship continues to grow, our TrueSelf provides greater insights, more words, thoughts, questions, phrases and ideas that can revolutionise our lives. The more we trust ourselves the more our inner guru reveals to us; first smaller things, then larger things.  This guidance may be expressed as feelings or thoughts, but know that it is the authentic ‘You,’ beneath the layers. Your TrueSelf will only guide you to do good things for yourself and others, never the contrary. The TrueSelf in all of us is steeped in love and, because we’re all part of one thing, it will never seek to harm other human beings, who are after all another expression of it.

In my first 10-Second moment, I was exposed by a security guard’s innocent question. In that naked place, where no other clothes would fit, I stood there and asked, ‘Who am I? What is right for me?’ I went deep inside myself, to my heart, my intuition, and what that TrueSelf shared with me was who I really was as a person, and this clothed me.

The 10-Second Philosophy® is here to help you discover more of your truth. As you do this, begin to trust your Self.  Why is this so important? Look at your life: Many of life’s challenges become real problems because of our lack of trust in ourselves. Much of what you now call ‘problems’, your lack of trust in your TrueSelf has lead you there.

What will you do now to begin once more to really trust yourself and to follow through on the guidance which emanates from that place?