The Morning Ritual

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When I get up every morning, I do my morning RITUAL.

After I’ve answered the call of nature and gone through my facial ablutions, I do some form of physical exercise, fitness or strength work. Sometimes I go downstairs to my gym, or I workout right there in the bedroom.  I exercise and I do some form of exercise every single day, because it is the STANDARD that I live by. Sometimes it may just be sets of push-ups, some abs work, pull-ups or downstairs its interval rowing or cross training. These are some typical ways of which I implement my Daily Standards around Personal Health & Fitness.


Some people say they don’t have the time to exercise. I say get creative. Where could you make time? Everybody has to brush their teeth for two minutes…why not brush your teeth and squat for two minutes? START NOW. GO GO GO.

The whole idea is to get focused. If you can push through your mental barriers at the very beginning of your day, you will have more mental focus for the rest of the day. Remember that you need only act from your Higher Standards just for today. And where you apply discipline to one area – you can apply it to another. DO this for just ONE day.


Here’s how I see a typical person’s meditation going down;


Get ready to leave

Leave the house; fight the pavement traffic, fight the road traffic, hustle into work, get caught up with stuff, pick up on the energy of the office; go into a meeting ruffled and stressed! And its only 10 o’clock!

Like many, I utilise the practice of meditation too, however, I have a variation which may surprise you. It’s what I named in my first book, The 10-Second Philosophy®, as my ‘walking meditation’.

I jump into the shower and begin visualising. I continue this as I begin my journey to work – doing a walking /driving / office meditation. I stay in this state as much as I can. There are times when I feel that my walking meditative space has slipped away, so I leave the office building. Hence, if you were to visit me here at the office, you will frequently find me sitting in my car at lunchtime meditating. People know me by now, so they’ve stopped knocking on the car window to see if I was ok or asleep.

Take the time to connect with yourself at such a focused time. Be present and visualise your day from start to finish. See yourself being happy, productive, receiving compliments. See your meetings going well for you. See yourself having a good day.


What is it that you know you SHOULD be doing, but don’t do? Does this thought ever pop up?

I should be doing this, I wish this would change, I can do more..?

This is your TrueSelf trying to come through to you. Most challenges people have is because they don’t TRUST themselves.

What I want you to do is ACT from this place. Take on board what I say, and SQUAT.

Enjoy your day!