The Missing-Link to Your Greatness


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Without looking away from this screen, can you recall the new year – new you resolutions and goals which you set at the start of this year?

If the answer is ‘No’, then for how much longer and for how many more years, will you use a method that doesn’t, on its own help you to grow and become all you can be? It’s virtually impossible to be impacted by something that we can’t even remember!

[If your answer is ‘Yes’  ask yourself  ‘Am I happy?’, because both experience and research shows that most people around the world do not achieve most of their goals, most of the time. Setting long-term goals, on their own, can do damage to our success and happiness. There’s something missing!]


How many times have you heard the saying new year – new you, and how many times have you said it? It’s the middle of February and most people that I have asked so far cannot recall their new-year resolutions. It’s the same every year.

Maybe you set a goal to lose weight or to save some money, only to find once more you set yourself up for failure.

The New YouSome people will set resolutions every year, all of their lives; yet not keep any of them. Others will set goals all of their lives and achieve little or none of them. You may want to pause right now and consider this practice. How can the methodology that you may have used every year for decades, still not be serving and supporting you?  There has remained for many years a gap between an individual and the achievement of their goals. For over a century we have not witnessed anything bridge the gap between ourselves and our goals, until now.


Maybe this year you use a different approach, maybe this year you utilise an approach that keeps you really focused. This year  use an approach that keeps you at your best on a daily basis by setting and living by high Daily Standards™, set from within.  Because it is what we do each day that creates our legacy.  A Standard is a Basis, Criteria, Level, Quality, or Rule, for our lives, which we set from within and commit to just for today. Should God give us another day, then we recommit to our Standards just for that new day and then just one day at a time, as we are given life. That’s it. More goals won’t give us the happiness and success that we desire (the world has already proved that), because goals by definition are future based, whilst happiness and Standards are a NOW experience! The missing-link is, Daily Standards™. This is the ‘bridge’ between you and your goals. This is how we create legacy, wealth, prosperity and happiness now.

‘Happiness is a now experience. We cannot be happy tomorrow’







There are seven key areas of our lives in which we can begin immediately, today, to set new Life Standards:

1. Personal Health & Fitness
2. Environment – (What surrounds us affects us. What is within us affects us)
3. Relationships
4. Family
5. Emotions
6. Career or Job
7. Time (How we live – not how long we live; how we serve and use our time on earth)

How do we Set new Standards to give us the success and happiness we dream of?

We undertake a *Standards Five-Step Reframe TM. The 5 steps are:

1.     Review your existing Standards in the key area of your life. What was the source of those Standards?
2.     Realise what Standards are honouring and serving you. Also consider what Standards help you to honour and    serve others? Which ones are harming others or the person that you now are?
3.     Release the Standards that are harming you the most (there are many healthy and congruent ways to do this);
4.     Reset new Standards that honour and serve the person you are today and which allow you to honour and serve others;
5.     Re-commit today and then daily to your new Standards.

‘When we live by Standards set from within, we become happy and successful TODAY!’

*Full details in ‘The 10 Second Philosophy®’ via Amazon


As I write this blog, I recall the legacy of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. She set a brave new Standard for how she would be herself and how she would be treated in the world when in 1955 she sat on that bus.

If you have goals, use the bridge, the missing-link between you and your goal achievement is ‘Daily Standards™’. If you have no goals, simply set and live by Daily Standards™.


Rosa ParksNelson


Also we recently mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela, whose whole life became a Standard for how we treat and love others, even those who have wronged us. The legacy of these two people’s lives will live on long after the bodies that held their spirits return to dust.  They set Standards and they stuck to their Standards one day at a time in their behaviour. Long enough to see what would happen if they did; long enough to change the world. What a story each of us would have to tell if we could utilise and stick to that method and philosophy.


We look to these greats and realise that we too have greatness within us. We came here with the stuff inside. We admire the ‘greats’ and we are inspired by them.  Let us now follow their lessons in the key areas of our lives whether it is health, healthcare, relationships, finances, careers, education, society by setting and maintaining high Daily Standards™.

When we set and stick to high Daily Standards™ from within, we change our lives for good. We create lasting change, hence, like the ‘greats’ we create legacy.

This day, let us do something that is real, which comes from our truth, from our core and let us act from that place, today. Set new Standards of daily behaviour and stick to those Standards one day at a time, long enough to see what would happen if we did.

Start today, because TODAY is the only day which is guaranteed to you. Success and happiness won’t be yours if you wait for another message, or if you wait for some other time. It will not be yours if you wait for another person. Within you lies gifts you have been waiting for. Within you is what you seek. Within you is your legacy.


True success and happiness, is created by thinking and living by Daily Standards™. When we do this, we wake up and find ourselves more powerful than we previously dared to dream. We discover parts of ourselves we didn’t know, our gifts and talents begin to pour out in a way that they never have before, and we get to make a positive difference not just to our immediate surroundings, but to the broader world at large.

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Why should you learn all you can learn, read all you can read and hear all you can hear, about the power of Daily Standards™; set from within?

Because more than any other approach in the last 100 years, the Daily Standard method and philosophy is the most effective bridge, the missing-link between you and achievement of your personal and business goals.


There is a revolution in the business and the personal development world; The Standards Revolution™ and it started here, it started in The 10-Second Philosophy book, it can grow in you and positively affect your world if you begin today. Join and begin today. Remember to set high Standards today and Stick to them one day at a time, long enough to see what would happen if you did.

BeAllYouCanBe Today


‘The missing-link to your greatness’ is an idea taken from the 10-Second Philosophy book and expanded. To purchase your own copy of The 10-Second Philosophy®, please visit Amazon.
When you change, everything will change for you!