The ‘DailyStandards™’ Challenge

DailyStandards Challenge






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To be happy and successful we need to find and live as who we really are; to find our real talents; to grasp our inner greatness, and turn it on.

There are times in which our unconscious behaviour and traits don’t seem to serve us – this is our NonSelf.

Our challenge is to recapture and re-inherit that TrueSelf, to re-inherit that purpose, and to spend the rest of our lives with our inner genius expressed in the world.

So let’s get started.

The ‘DailyStandards™’ challenge!

First, choose an area of life from below:

Personal Health and Fitness





Career and Business

Time and Money

Now, decide that TODAY you are going to raise and maintain the Standard of:

1) How you eat today

2) How you allow yourself to be treated today

3) Your activity today

Now, form a Standard which incorporates these three things, and write your NEW Standard down in one sentence. LIVE THE STANDARD TODAY.

Finally, when your head is back on your pillow tonight, check how you feel and what happened today.

Stick to your DailyStandards, one day at a time, long enough to see what would happen if you decided to keep to these Standards for life.