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Most people have no idea how they run their life; therefore, they simply let life run them.

Just a few years ago I had an epiphany which revealed to me 3 facts which changed my whole life on a quantum level.

1. Goals alone do not work, no matter how many coaches or teachers tell you otherwise.

2. That each of us has the ability to look within and discover the best and authentic way to live our own life.

3. I discovered that DailyStandards™ are THE WAY to achieve authentic success; which means being happy too. This means becoming conscious of our inner DailyStandards™.

I created a way of living and being in my business and personal life, which changed everything. DailyStandards™ are your daily, real world, guideposts of how to be the best you; where to come back to when you lose your way and where your greatest talents operate from.  They are chosen by YOU, and when they come from YOU, they allow you to play life at a higher level. Your DailyStandards™ are not given to you, (nor are they anything to do with ISO this or BS that).

I learned that the degree each of us can live our lives by our authentic inner Standards, the happier and more successful we will be in the now.  As I lived my life in this new way, I created a definition:

A DailyStandard is a basis, criterion, level, quality or rule that you set, from within, and utilise as your life’s steer, just for today. This means being and living in the now. Standards are not future based; they are not even tomorrow based. Standards are today based only!

It was this new philosophy, different to anything I had come across hitherto.  I lived this new philosophy and it took me from despair, depression and financial desperation, to happiness, personal, business and huge financial success, and importantly this DailyStandards™ philosophy became a catalyst in the lives of others around the world. Through my first book, ‘The 10-Second Philosophy®’ I shared examples and stories of how by living with a DailyStandards™ approach, I made a quantum leap  from working 16 hour days, 6 days a week, making little or no profit, to ‘working’ 3 days a week making 10x the income.  You won’t be surprised to read therefore, that this is when people began to turn up asking “How did you do that?” Getting highly paid to Coach, Speak and Write internationally followed. There is only one reason why: the DailyStandards™ approach resonated and worked.

I initially reviewed all of the areas of my life that I was unhappy or frustrated with. Ruminated upon them and realised that my DailyStandards™ were lacking something. They lacked my conscious choice about what they were. A phrase came to me:

‘Set DailyStandards™, from within which honour and serve me, which allow me to honour and serve others’

When I first developed this approach, I reviewed the following areas of my life:

1. Personal Health and Fitness – I do something fitness based every single day.

2. Environment – I created new DailyStandards™ for my external environment (what I allowed around me such as TV news, radio news, newspapers, because it’s 99% negative and spirit destroying) and my internal attitude.

3. Relationships – I recognised which friends and acquaintances were making me and which ones were breaking me. We do know.

4. Family – I massively changed my DailyStandards™ so that I became the family guy, (not Peter Griffin). I did the school run, I didn’t work evenings or weekends, so that I was a father and a husband, a son and a brother each day.

5. Emotions – I used to let my old conditioned responses of anger, frustration, fear and doubt control me. I reset them and knew that I only had to live at my new DailyStandards™ today. 

6. Career and Business – I looked at my clients and work practices and set new criterion, levels and rules about who could be a client, minimum transaction levels and other DailyStandards™.

7. Time and Money – My old time and money Standards were holding me back. I learned that my money DailyStandards™ were keeping me poor. I changed them to ones that would support the creation and maintenance of wealth. In three years I’d made my first million doing the same business. And I did it working less than half the hours that I used to.

The above are examples of what I did and do. I raised and changed many of my DailyStandards™ as it felt internally right to do so. I’m happy. My family and I are happy. Those whom I coach and mentor tell me that they feel they are living a happier, more authentic life, living with DailyStandards™. You can pick and choose where you begin. It’s your life. Begin it now.

Grab your pen and journal, or your tablet, because right here and right now you can do the following and change will come for you too.

 1) Review the area of your life which you are most unhappy with.

2) Consider what your existing Standards are in this area.

3) Recognise and release the Standards that no longer serve and honour who you NOW are.

4) Move from those old Standards and set new DailyStandards which honour and serve you and which you feel will best allow you to honour and serve others. 

5) Commit each morning to being and living at your DailyStandards™ just for that day.

DailyStandards™ Hints & Tips

a) To support you, write down your new DailyStandards™. This makes it real for you. Get a Buddy to support you with your new DailyStandards™. You can have a different Standards Buddy for each different area of your life.

b) Set yourself a DailyStandards Challenge™, tell your Buddy and see how that works out for you and those around you.

c) Stick to your DailyStandards™ one day at a time, long enough to see what would happen if you did.

d) If you set goals, then wherever you set the first step of your new DailyStandards™ brings you closer to that goal. As you raise your Standards, you get closer to the goal, naturally and happily. Imagine you’re reviewing and raising your Standards as climbing a series of steps. Only climb another step when you are truly happy with, or have grown beyond your previous DailyStandards™.

Fly Your Standards High and True

The Romans were one of the most successful civilisations in history; and they had a Standard and a Standard bearer for a reason. The Standards under which a soldier walked were his way of BEing. It was NOT a goal or an objective, it was NOT who he was gonna be ‘one day’, it was actually a statement saying ‘This is who and what I am and what I stand for. It’s how I live my life, today’. We all know that neglecting daily disciplines lead to failure. Not being our TrueSelf each day is a sure path to unhappiness. We all have to work to maintain our Standards (basis, criterion, qualities, levels and rules), but through my own life and through coaching others, I learned that we can only and should only, commit to living at our set Standards today, one day at a time.  This is how we develop our gifts to the fullest.

Some men, women and children have such low Standards in key areas of their lives because they are not at all aware or conscious of them. They also fail to realise that everything they do and are, in their lives, is affected by their Standards. It is how they have ‘set their sail’. Many of us have our sail set for us and end up living someone else’s life. We can never be happy unless we live as our self, our TrueSelf. Taking our Standards from just anywhere is generally how we end up living a life that we feel isn’t our own. It’s how we live a life never quite fulfilled or achieving what is possible for us.

Standards are like a thermostat. A thermostat regulates and controls the system and its output. It sets the parameters. You can walk into your house today and reset the thermostat. This is the great thing about thermostats: the parameters can be adjusted. Similarly with our Standards; unless you change or adjust your Standards to higher and truer levels, you limit you, you limit your happiness and success.

Create Your Best Life

Set Standards in each area of your life where you want immediate change.

Celebrate sticking to your DailyStandards™ each day. I recommend fist bumps as an absolute minimum. This helps to reinforce your shift.

Remember that DailyStandards™ are a now experience; therefore you commit to living at them in this moment,  just for today and then one day at a time, as you are given life. Stick to your Standards today, just until you put your head back on your pillow tonight.

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