The 10 Second Philosophy®

Exactly what is the 10 Second Philosophy®

It’s the moment, when everything becomes clear.

Imagine, there I was standing in the office at the filing cabinet, and the security guard comes back past again so he can lock up.  He asked me if I was ready to go and I answered “just give me 10 more minutes”. I spent the next 10 minutes shuffling paper and wondering who I could call for business the next day. Then the security guard came back to lock up and I said to him, “just one more minute, please”. As I finished my sentence he looked at me and asked me a question, “Derek, what time did you get in this morning?”, and that question changed everything.  I had left home at 7am that morning and it was now almost 10pm in the evening. This had been my typical working day for many years.

I was always the last to leave the office. I almost always drove home from the office or from visiting a client late at night mentally exhausted, and this was affecting everything. Only a few months earlier I had come dangerously close to killing myself on the motorway, simply because I was too exhausted by the treadmill I was running my life on, to know that I was already in the fast lane when I tried to overtake another car.

I glanced at the clock and realised yet another 14 or 16 hour day was behind me, and that I was desperately unhappy about it.

The 10 Second Philosophy®

The security guards question had caused me to stop and go inside my thoughts and feelings. When I did this, what came out changed me. The 10 Second Philosophy® is a word, a thought, a question, a phrase or idea that causes you to look introspectively and as a result of that journey to have feedback from yourself as to how to change your life, for you, immediately. When you follow this TrueSelf guidance you will change and when you do, everything will change for you.

I’ll share with you what happened, how my story and lessons can have an amazing affect on your own life, regardless of where you are on your journey, or how busy your own treadmill is right now.

My Life Today

My 10 Second Philosophy® changed my life, the life of my family, and the relationships I have with my wife, children and clients.  My work life balance is extra-ordinary.  I ‘work’ for only 3 and a half days a week, the rest of the time I get to do the things I really love to do; like philanthropy; I’m involved with world changing and people development opportunities, and I have FUN – a lot of FUN in my life.