The 10-Second Philosophy is released

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: The 10-Second Philosophy® by author Derek Mills is released – 3rd September UK and 12th September in the US.

Derek said “The feel of a real book in one’s hand is hard to beat; the feel of a new book is something else. I stayed up until after 1am reading it again and I just held a feeling that it would make a real difference to people all over the world”.

These are the words of new author Derek Mills who is going to change the world with his 10-Second Philosophy. If you haven’t done so already please visit Amazon by clicking here; you will find excerpts from the book. The practical philosophy includes:

*How to understand and experience how lasting change can happen in seconds
*How to set Standards Not Goals in order to achieve success
*How to realise the power available to you through your inner genius and how to follow that guidance
* How to find the courage to become who you truly are and to fulfil your potential while remaining connected to the natural flow of the world around you

Send through your successes and experiences to Derek; he would love to hear from you. He is here to help guide and support you on your own journey.