The 10-Second Philosophy®

As you may know, my new book ‘The 10-Second Philosophy – A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius’ is released September 3rd in the UK and September 12th in the US and Canada. It is available now to pre-order from Amazon

The intention of this book is to help us to find our inner genius and to release it into our lives. This is how we achieve true happiness and success because our inner genius is our TrueSelf. Our TrueSelf knows us better than we know ourselves and it knows how to make us happy.

My TrueSelf guided me to set and utilise Standards (rules, levels, basis, criteria and qualities) instead of goals to go from failure and unhappiness, to success and happiness. I explain how Standards became the new vanguard which I shared with others and how they used the philosophy to change themselves for now, for good, for ever.

In the introduction and 1st chapter you will learn how I went from a stutterer to international speaker and millionaire ‘overnight’ by finding my ‘something’. In the rest of the book I show you how to find your ‘something’, leading to an easier and happier life as it was intended. To help you on your way you can go to Amazon to read part of the Philosophy by clicking here.

In the coming weeks I will be providing additional updates and resources to help guide and support you on your journey. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to share this adventure with you.


Warmest regards