I'll be frank and to the point. I was cynical and I was proved wrong. Out of twelve speakers at the Momentum Risk Summit event, Derek’s presentation, in my view, was the most valuable to the delegates. He was an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.

Robert Phillips


'Derek Mills; If Heineken Did Inspirational Talks'!

Ian Tucker


"I was absolutely delighted to get the chance of hearing a Hay House author locally! Having been fortunate enough to have heard a number of inspirational speakers through my past work life I wondered what to expect.....WOW I was not disappointed. Sometimes we meander and struggle through life not realising just how lost we actually are. Derek’s story completely resonated with me on so many levels it was as though he was just talking to me. He provides dynamic tips which can take you from a place of being stuck & allow you to reach the stars! His simple but powerful story & standards had such an impact I purchased a couple of books to give as special gifts"

Alison Fitzgerald

At our February 2015 monthly meeting, after a yearlong wait, our group (Solihull Natural health Group) finally got to hear Derek Mills talk on the subject of How to be Happy and Successful as your own TrueSelf.

What a brilliant evening we had. Derek was truly inspirational and many felt he was talking to each person individually. His concept of setting standards rather than goals really resonated with the audience and judging by the number of people who brought his book “the 10 Second Philosophy” at the end of the talk, I would imagine many of those present have already started making changes to their lives.

Derek is a man who walks and talks his truth and he truly deserves a life of joy, as do we all! I know we will invite him back in the future. We feel very privileged to have heard him speak.

Jacqui Mexson on behalf of SNHG

Solihull Natural Health Group

“After hearing Derek speak at the Health, Wealth and Happiness Exhibition in Nottingham, I was captured by the same magnetism described by so many others who have met him. You just know in your heart when someone genuinely walks the talk, and Derek most definitely does. His presence illuminates, his words inspire and his heart gives with a deep sense of knowing. I couldn’t stop reading Derek’s book ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’. He speaks and writes from the heart and his honest and powerful story will leave a lasting positive impression. If you ever feel you’ve just had enough of struggling then I can highly recommend Derek’s book. He breaks a huge topic down into bite size chunks and explains in a very personal way how focusing, just one day at a time, with the right mind-set and setting daily standards, everyone can change their circumstances. I recommended Derek’s book to 2 friends and with no prompting they both enthusiastically expressed their thanks and how much they also loved it.” Sandra Owen

Sandra Owen


Earlier this year I got in touch with an old school friend I’d only seen once in 30 years. Last month we met up for lunch. He is still the same good natured, generous person I remember from years ago. A few years ago he wrote a book called 'The 10 Second Philosophy'. The book tells how he changed his life by doing nothing more than being himself. It had a real impact on me. Change can be hard sometimes but the book gave me the encouragement to be myself... sounds odd, I know, but I'd recommend it to everyone. It's simple in its philosophy but can really change your outlook on life. Thank you Derek.


I met Derek at a Mind Body Spirit event. This is my story of why such an event can change the path you travel, and change me it did.

Derek inspired me within the first five minutes of being in the room. There was an incredible presence, and saying that he talked was an understatement. He connected with the room. He gave from the heart, and everyone heard. Derek’s philosophy made sense, and resonated with what I was searching for at the time. “Become yourself, set those standards which are true to you. What have you had enough of?”

At the end, I jumped off my and made sure I was first in line to get a copy of his book and get it signed before anyone else. I wanted to work with Derek and learn more, get involved. This man had learnt so much by listening to his inner wisdom, and changed both himself, but also those around him. That was the beginning of my journey.

The first time I went to see Derek, I sat in his office. I always feel you can tell a lot from a person by their surroundings. On the wall was a photograph of him with Prince Charles; another photo with Prince William. There was a bookcase with interesting titles such as The How of Happiness, The Richest Man in Babylon, Pioneering Studies in Socionomics, Autobiography of Mark Twain and of course The 10-Second Philosophy. There was also a certificate of Derek’s Justice of the Peace achievement.

As I sat there pondering the gravity of such an office, Mr Derek Mills himself walked in. Author, international speaker, actor and motivational mentor. Following with an important looking file, Sonja Graham, executive assistant. I sat there blinking. Alisha Sodhi. Undergraduate student. I straightened up in my chair.

Since that moment, Derek has made a massive impact on my life. I have worked on Derek's projects, and in return I was taught how to tap into my TrueSelf, and set high daily standards. I changed my life so that it was more fulfilling for me. I had lessons on quantum physics, the law of connection, and blogging. Every bit of progress I made, Derek was cheering at my success. I was deeply grateful to have been given Derek’s time and energy, of which he gave so much.

9 months later, I am still here! Working and researching with Derek is what I call my dream job. I have become part of the team and I am learning what no uni degree can teach. Dear sir/madam reading this, I can confirm I have had a paradigm shift. I am only in the early learning stages of the 10 Second Philosophy; but imagine what Derek could teach us - a man who lives it.

Alisha Sodhi

“I came on Derek’s Awaken Your Inner Guru and Heal Your Life course with a very open mind …It was a fabulous experience. A beautiful place with beautiful people. Derek is inspiring, approachable and honest and it was a real pleasure to listen to him”.

Claire Smith

Presenter, Interior Designer 'Secret Removers' at Channel 4

"Derek is on a mission to sow and encourage others to "wake-up" and sow as many seeds in themselves and others as possible. He shares his story of the moment he "woke up” and started to listen to his "inner guru" even though at times in the beginning the experience of the growth pains of his own seeds was not easy; with humour, humility and a grateful attitude. His story is all the more relevant in the western world as in his own words he was failing. His 10 Second Philosophy provides the means of creating the nutrients needed for growth through a simple, time tested method that works, day by day, one intention and one standard at a time. "

"The Awaken Your Inner Guru workshop is a stop the world and get off for a time and listen opportunity that is not to be missed ".

Rhona Wark

It was especially lovely for me to connect with you at my much loved Brightlife at your Awaken Your Guru and Heal Your Life workshop. I have been to many retreats at the center and always leave there with many insights and treasured learning. This retreat was however particularly special, it may be that I was open to receive, but more likely it was the warm, magical and nurturing space you created. This weekend was most certainly one of my most empowering experiences in a long time! During the weekend I personally experienced many shifts and realizations which are here to stay. I cannot forget the sunflower metaphor in particular! I have paid that one forward a few times to people.

Derek, you were inspirational! Truly a beautiful, thoughtful and compassionate man; full of kindness and empathy. Thank you for being so generous with your insights and gifts. You tirelessly shared, listened and supported with an open heart! I found the workshop to be deeply spiritual, yet also professional, organised and in my view grounded. You are a natural teacher, and a very gifted one. The workbook was well written and relevant to all that we covered, and.. It was also great fun, so much laughing! In fact, we laughed, we cried, we moved mountains! I loved every minute of it!

There was a tremendous amount of respect in the space, not only for you, but for each other, it was phenomenal! Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you, thank you, thank you for an experience I will cherish! Much love, and sunflowers always!

Billee Saade

For many, many years I have chased countless goals, failing to achieve most, and not really celebrating those I did achieve as I desperately chased the next.
At the time of booking on Derek Mills course ’Awaken your Inner-Guru & heal your life’ in the Isle of Man in June 2014, I was emotionally bankrupt. If it hadn’t have been that I had fortunately read Derek’s brilliant book ’The 10 Second Philosophy’ I doubt I would have committed myself to attend, but something was telling me I needed to.

Using Derek’s techniques which are simple to understand and implement I began to pause & go inside myself for 10 seconds at a time and started listening to my inner voice. My TrueSelf.
On Saturday 16th June 2014, I managed to finally unlock the gates to the castle in my mind and metaphorically I slayed a dragon. At 48years old, I finally awoke from the stress, tension & anger haze I had been living in for so long. I could breathe, I was calm, for the first time I knew I had the answers inside of me.

In the days that followed the course having implemented Derek’s ’PERFECT’ life standards system, I immediately started to see improvements in my physical health, my relationships with my wife & daughter, my emotional state, my attitude to my work and the time procrastination I had been so used to wasting. When you are in the right place, living in the now, the simplest things will work.

When you meet Derek you know you are in the company of a Genius. But more importantly what you notice is that his presence and aura is that of a true gentleman.
He has empathy, humility and a humour that makes you feel and know that he cares passionately about helping you find the skills you arrived with and getting them out into this world.
It was my honour and privilege to spend time with him and I know that each day God grants me, I will live it as my TrueSelf.

Robin Benson

Derek Mills brought listeners on The Best People We Know Show to a new Standard of living life with zeal and purpose! A dynamic speaker with empathy and humor, Derek's show was top rated and featured for good reason. If you are looking for a new way of thinking, being and doing, Derek is the speaker or coach for you. A man of Integrity, humility and richly blessed, Derek will bring out the very best in you!

Deborah Scott

Radio Show Host

Luckily I had received a personal recommendation from a good friend to buy this book, and I simply made the purchase on Amazon without thinking about it or reviewing the blurb any further. If I hadn't done that, I might have missed out on a fantastic book. You see this book argues against the long-standing logic of setting and chasing goals.

I've always been interested in the different philosophies, strategies, and formats of goal setting, and have had a lot of personal success with these mindsets. So if I had read a sound-bite that this "Standards Guy" is "against setting goals" I might have quickly dismissed the book, and missed out on a great opportunity for learning.

In Derek's defence of being "anti goals" it's more so to do with talking you out of any 1-year, 5-year and 10-year goals, rather than a to-do list of targets and goals you can use to track things in your personal and business life. Half-way through the book he had completely convinced me with his logic around the 'gaps' and 'holes' in such intensive goal-setting and chasing. Such chasing is for something always in the future, always in the tomorrows, and therefore can lead to a lot of problems with daily joy and pleasure in life.

More than simply dismissing other ideas, or arguing against other philosophies, Derek fills in such gaps with his own "standards" philosophies. It's a tremendous idea, an easy and workable format, and something that I read, learned, took and tested in my own life. It works. Simply, it works. My productivity is still sky-high, but my enjoyment and pleasure and gratitude now goes hand in hand with such productivity, giving it a real reason and motivation to continue.

There are many references to "the Now" and "being present" that ring familiar bells for readers of Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now. I thought I had studied all there is to know about "being in the Now" and "being present" and the merits of meditation and the like. However, as with all wisdom, you can always pick up a new golden nugget or two, and that certainly happened while reading this book.

Derek's phrasing and explanations of such "present" and "Now" philosophies delivers a very welcome and useful angle to such understanding. He also provides more than a few practical techniques and practices (my favourite being "The Triple Peripheral") to really benefit from such philosophies in your daily, practical, actual life! Deeper bonds within family and friendships, better connections with colleagues and clients, and more focus and enjoyment out of your work, pastimes and passions.

So glad I took the recommendation and didn't miss out. An excellent book that I'm going to recommend further, and which I'll probably re-read to really cement some of the techniques and strategies.

Richard Swan

Baskey Cases by Jo

Finally, someone who has the guts to say that goals don't work! I opened up The Ten Second Philosophy one Friday night after a gruelling week in which I was questioning the sanity and value of goal setting. And there was the answer I was searching for - a logical, practical, intuitive philosophy from someone who had hit rock bottom and turned his life completely around! I couldn't put the book down, finishing it the next day. I immediately sat down and set standards for myself, using the PERFECT system Derek outlines in the book. In the days that followed, I felt my stress level plummet. I focused on doing less every day, getting rid of my daily mile-long "To-Do" list, and just made sure that I kept to my standards. As the weeks went by, I realized that I was achieving more, that I was happier, and that I was living more in the moment. Derek's personal journey is so extraordinary but yet so real, that you'll say to yourself, "If he could create these changes, then so can I!" You don't need years of therapy, a month in an ashram, or a weekend retreat to get your life heading in the right direction - you only need ten seconds. Derek’s philosophy is not only revolutionary, it's simple, do-able and comes from someone who isn't just talking the talk, but is walking the walk

Jennifer Hicks

Radio Host

I have been fortunate to listen to Derek Mills on two occasions both sides of the Atlantic. The second time was in May 2013. As I write this at the beginning of August 2013 I have been setting daily standards for myself regarding the food I eat and my general fitness. I can categorically say that Derek's speech in Ireland in May convinced me to set daily standards and I am now 40 lbs lighter and the fittest I have been in 10 years. I don't set goals, I just know if I carry on setting daily standards I will reach any weight I desire. In turn my business has improved dramatically since May because of my new found energy and vitality.
Thanks Derek, whether its business or health, your philosophy works. Period.

Anthony Jones

Financial Advisor, Wexford Ireland

On meeting Derek you instantly recognise you're in the presence of someone extraordinary - you note the absence of empty words and fake gestures. Instead, in Derek, you hear and experience someone approachable, deeply authentic, who is in touch with his truth and very clear about his mission to help anyone he can, discover theirs - the sign of a true leader.

Phil Parker

Lecturer, author, researcher, originator of the Lightning Process

Derek Mills is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he have a compelling story which everyone on the planet needs to hear he also has the tools needed to help them become far more successful and happier than they already are. He's one of the rare speakers I would not hesitate to recommend. When he spoke at 'iCan' The Event many speakers sold books and it was no wonder that Derek, by far, sold the most. He's outstanding.

Richard McCann

MD iCan Events

"Want to improve your health, relationships or business? Then you need to read The 10-Second Philosophy by Derek Mills. Having had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him on a number of occasions, I can say, hand on heart, that he is one of those rare, genuine souls who truly wants to - and can - help people through the profound, spiritual wisdom he gained after he had an awakening moment that changed his life. Now, let his transformative words help change your life for the better, too."

Katy Evans

Editor - Bodyfit Magazine

Derek Mills is a man who is redefining the measure of success for so many. He shows us how setting goals is a waste of time! He proves that setting standards for the way you want to live, will make you truly successful. He eloquently delivers his message in a way that deeply serves the audience; whether from the stage, or on the screen. His outstanding track record in business, sales, wealth management, international speaking and coaching have even taken him on to become an award winning film producer. Clearly Derek turned his own life around by tapping into his inner genius; let him assist you and your audience in doing the same

Dov Baron, President Authentic Paragon Alliance. International Speaker, Author, World Leading Expert on the Power of Vulnerable Leadership

Derek's presentation was unique. I have heard many motivational speakers, and read lots of quick fix self-help books. This was different. This really spoke to me. Derek has a simple idea that is life-changing and liveable. It requires some hard work, but does not demand unreasonable effort. It speaks a universal truth which is so clear and simple to understand and apply that it makes one wonder how life was lived without it.

Rabbi Yitz Sandler

Genesis Advisory Services (UK) Limited

I had heard about Derek’s book and theory of setting standards not goals and was really interested to hear him speak as this sounded strange and off beat with the many self help and spiritual books I have read, setting standards also sounded difficult. I couldn’t have been more wrong, now I understand the philosophy of “the standards guy” it makes total sense, it was easy to put into practice as it is bringing out and working with my true self. Also it is not at odds with, but agrees with and builds on other techniques I believe strongly in. I love the fact that the more I discover about the way we can live and what is available to us the more it all connects and makes sense. I would urge anyone who is unsure to listen to Derek’s message and spend any time with him you can, he is enlightening and has an amazing presence – you will be intoxicated and you will change your life – for the better!

Julie Waters

Business Development Manager, St, James's Place Wealth Management

“As a company with a number of sales consultants it is our custom to invite a motivational or technical speaker to present at our monthly conference. By unanimous consensus all agree that Derek is one of the best speakers we have ever had. His approach is unique and refreshing and if applied correctly is likely to be life changing. We are all setting our Standards and hope to have Derek back for a follow-up clinic at which time we will measure the results. Money extremely well spent.”

Lewis Bloch

Managing Director, Genesis Advisory Services (UK) Ltd

I have known the author of this book through his journey, and have been inspired and humbled with the honesty and simple power with which Derek shares what may help many, many people.

He speaks of something I went through in my teens that was pivotal to the rest of my life. But which I had also forgotton or become detached from. Derek makes it easy to know where to start and to make some new chioces. It was a pleasure through and through and I wanted to share it with everyone I know.

Thank you for having the courage and ability Derek, to present what you have learned that has been most valuable in your life, so that others may benefit from your example and wisdom!

Valerie Schuch

Training and Coaching Consultant, Sheer Brilliance

Derek brings a brilliant fusion of thought provoking ideas and a practical application of how these ideas can be applied. The key for me is that as John Gray says on the back cover, Detek truly walks his talk and is generous enough to share this with us. Buy it, read it, live it!

Gary Arthurs

Partner, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Brilliantly written book, simple, yet powerful. I have read many books of this nature and its one of the easiest to read, easiest to make sense of and easiest to relate to; and hopefully one to make some instant use from; instant yet powerful use from. If you are into self help books then this will encourage you to take action, make steps to live a more riching and rewarding life. Derek makes the reader realise everything is within our capabilities as we have all the connections we need, through the laws of connection. Its the choice of turning the tap on and to what degree, which will impact how we get on! A must read....


Just finished 1st reading of this book. Rec'd it last weekend and could hardly put it down.

Also just wanted to say, I have been in business over 40 yrs read most `improvement' books, etc but The 10 Second Philosophy is like fresh air and shows that no matter how long `you have been around' you can still learn something new and start afresh

Fabian Bullen

Derek, has quite simply succeeded where many books fail to remind us that the potential lies within each and every one of us. We are all really good at setting standards for other folk and having an expectation in the way others should act or feel BUT what about us as individuals? Derek's humbleness comes across in this book but he shows how great he is in showing us the potential we have to set our own standards......Buy it, read it, share it.


What's great about this book is it's one man's personal journey that shares all the practical tools, tips and insights (his philosophy) that brought him real positive change and success in his life. Derek, like so many of us, had had enough of the things that didn't work in his life and in one moment, he was given the insight or gift of seeing how he could change it. This gives us such hope and also such a practical solution. We can take a moment, 10 Seconds as he says, to stop what we're doing and focus deep inside ourselves, where only we have our own truth. From this place our answers come. I love how Derek explains the aspects of this place, our Truseself, in the book. I love how this links to the world outside us and so how everything connects. He makes this profound aspect understandable. Linked to this, what I also found really great, change-making and inspiring was Derek's process of setting Standards not Goals to achieve what he wants in life. I can use this straightaway. Setting standards I want to live by, which I can live by daily, gives me immediate change for the better - I'm not focusing on goals somewhere out there in the future. I find it hard to stay motivated to work towards a goal. With Derek's explanation of Standards, by setting my Standards for the life I want I can start living by them immediately. That's how Derek did it and his book shares some of the successes that came from this. His examples of what happened for him show what's possible. I hope more people get the message in this book and see how they can take control of their futures by listening to themselves and what's true for them. And it can all start happening in 10 Seconds!

Ruth Needham

Here for the first time sometime writes it in plain inspiring language; the recipy for a good life of happiness and abundance. I loved it and identified with it all. Bound to become a classic and recommended it fully to anyone wanting a happy and fulfilled life....it is all there waiting for you to take charge.

Revd. John N. Merrill

When I started reading this book I had the hope that I would learn something about my friend, Derek Mills. With each page I turned, in actual fact, I was learning more about myself.

For years I had set goals and had the countless vision boards to show for it but there were certain things that remained as an image and didn't come into my reality. Since reading this life changing book I now realise that the things that I have achieved are things I have particularly high standards in and the things that I have not yet achieved are things that I wish for but my standards do not connect with. Within the two weeks it took me to read this book, my standards have increased and already I am living each day with success and fulfilment in all aspects of my life. Thank you Derek, this book was like a breath of fresh air to the countless books I have read in the past on goal setting.

Drew Neal

WAKO Coach of the year 2011 and WAKO GB Coach

As someone who has often failed to manage goals and more importantly, to actually achieve my goals, I was sceptical at first about this book. Goal-setting is usually talked about by people who seem instinctively to set and achieve goals. These goal-setters can never understand how someone like me struggles so much to manage goals. So it was only based on Derek's highly acclaimed presentation before 7,000 people in Anaheim at the world's greatest achievers' conference, that I bought my copy.

What impresses me most is that Derek is not like most authors of "How to" books, who seem to be blessed with lifelong success. Derek was struggling and under-achieving in many areas of his life and especially in trying to set and achieve goals. It just wasn't working. It was when he struck on the idea of setting standards, rather than goals, that his life turned around. Derek explains exactly how he did this, and sets out the process for implementing the standards-based approach in our own lives.

The Ten Second Philosophy is easy to read, written in a way that immediately aligned me with the author. I was making notes from the very start and the ideas in the book have already made a positive impact on my life. In my opinion this could be the motivational book of the year!

Lee Clarke

I once read in every lifetime spent in earnest study there comes a moment of illumination that clears every shadow of doubt, I captured that moment over our conversation. The most enlightening conversation I have ever had, over lunch with Derek Mills! 10 Second Philosophy is a must read.

Dominic Knight

Author & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Thank you for the wonderful book! As always your insights are exceptional. The real brilliance in your philosophy is that you simplify issues and ideas that some wrestle with for a lifetime without ever figuring out. The older I get, the more convinced I am that we would all be happier and more satisfied if we could bring that simplicity into our lives…I’m working on it.

Ben Webb

US Army (Retired)

I’ve just watched the Keeper of the Keys movie DVD and Derek came across as ‘Real, down to earth and inspiring

Louis Parsons

Art with Soul

“I found Derek’s philosophy and approach to personal development to be refreshing and innovative. At last we have something that every one can use to better themselves which doesn’t rely on being goal driven and disciplined. This is a must watch”

Karl George MBE

Professional Speaker and Author

This movie is ‘made by real life people to help real life people’… it’s a must watch if you’re considering change

Asvin Chauhan

Managing Director, Ashleigh Court Private Client Wealth Management Ltd

I just watched the movie ” Keeper of the Keys”. Very well done. You spoke from the heart and connected with the viewer, Congratulations.

Dr Mark McGinley MD

Wow – I have just finished watching ‘The Keeper of the Keys’ – what an amazing movie – you feel like you are part of it. Full of great inspiring speakers and the one that really stood out to me was Derek Mills. His warm, calm and engaging manner, as he talks about setting standards really made me sit up and listen. Keep spreading the word Derek, the world needs to hear this message and ‘The Keeper of the Keys’ is a must see for anyone who is interested in living a more positive and fulfilling way of life.

Jo Simpson

Executive Coach – Speaker – Values Based Leadership Trainer

Derek spoke at an event I ran for inner city students. He rolled up and fairly “SOCKED IT TO THEM” !! To begin with they were looking at each other wondering who this guy was, but by the end, he had them in the palm of his hand and they were recalling things he had said throughout the day. Book him

David Hyner

Professional Communicator

Derek has one of those voices that when he speaks you listen! A highly positive and thoughtful individual with a lot to share with people. Derek is a great person to connect with and a great source of encouragement and motivation to his friends, family and clients.

Sara Beth Roper

Business Manager, Positive ground

Derek Mills is an exceptionally gifted and insightful business man, with outstanding people and leadership skills. His professional resources are extensive, and helpful for those he works with and the results he achieves for his own life and those clients he works with are amazing. He’s mastered the art of ‘Being who he is’, and stands as a great example of the power of setting Standards in all areas of life.

Maria Carlton

Business Strategist and Coach, Maruki Books Ltd

Derek is a highly successful individual who really knows his “stuff”. The great thing about Derek is his enthusiasm for the journey he is on and how he can share his experience to the benefit of others. Articulate, thoughtful with a fantastic upbeat attitude, Derek is an inspiration to his family friends and clients and is a great person to connect with.

Peter Roper

Owner, Positive Ground

I first met Derek in 2004, at that time he was achieving low levels of new business income compared to most people. In just the next 3 years he increased his new business income results by over ten-fold!

I asked him how this was achieved; he told me he had changed his philosophy, kept a new standard for himself in his mind and then went out and produced it in reality. He told me his main process for meeting new potential clients was his seminar programme. I was intrigued as I had never stood up in front of a live audience and spoken before.

We started working together in 2006 and we presented my first seminar in September of that year. I was hopeless, Derek was fantastic and we converted 30% of the attendees to clients. Derek continued to support my career and helped me for the next 3 years.

By 2009 he had brought me on a journey from my bumbling bag of nerves to someone that looked like he knew what he was talking about when he stood up and presented. April of that year I presented my first Seminar on my own with Derek critiquing, he was very complimentary with genuine honest insights. My business levels began to rise and rise…

So in 2009, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS, I had my best year yet! This was due to Derek’s mentoring, belief in me, and some very wise words along the way.

In 2011 I completed 12 seminars, attracted 97 new clients and over £12,000,000 of new funds under management; thank you pal.

Not only has Derek been a great support but also has become a very close friend and I will never forget what he has done helping me. Funny, writing this has made me feel very emotional.

O’Connor Wealth Management

David O’Connor CertPFS

Derek is a giant amongst communicators and motivators – and it has been my pleasure to know him over more years than either of us would care to own up to! I watched Derek grow his powerful communication style which impacts you in both the head and the heart and I was WoW’d again, recently, when I saw him ‘knock the socks off’ a group of Professional Speakers at the Midlands Professional Speakers Association. I am proud to call him an associate and a friend.

However, there are some powerful speakers who are all about performance and have no real content! Derek is not one of those!! He cares deeply about the impact of his message and understands the value that he brings to the people whose lives he touches. He has already made great strides as a master motivator – but I suspect he will go even further. If raw talent is any indicator of potential … he will be one of those guys who (as Zig Ziglar once said) we will “see at the top!!

Phil Ryan

Managing Director, Executive Education Division of The UK’s No1 Business School for Banking & Finance

At the 2012 MDRT annual convention, I loved hearing your story and I look forward to hearing more great things about you in the future. And congrats on the new book!

Sekou Andrews

The Sekou Effect

Congratulations on an MDRT 2012 fantastic main platform presentation. I have had many people comment and the line that it is all about is standards and that goals are set in the future and you wont be happy until you reach the goal. It was a game changer for me.

Matthew Fogarty CFP

Financial Designer at Financial Planning by Design

I have known Derek during the low points in his life and have been personally inspired by how he has transformed his life, his standards and values have helped me to change my personal and business life for the better. I now have clear standards that I live by in all areas of my life and I am reaping the rewards, I have purpose at last”

Jeff Reid

Partner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

“I have known Derek both professionally and personally for many years and am proud to count him a friend. His counsel is wise, his enthusiasm is infectious and his personal journey is both moving and fascinating. I can honestly say that I have never met anybody like him and hope that our association lasts long into the future.”

David Lawson

Managing Director of Lawson Wealth Management Ltd

“The first time, I heard Derek speak I was totally captivated in many ways – the message he has to share is truly impactful and life-changing. The way he delivers this is warm, engaging and enlightening. I have heard Derek speak several times since and his passion for setting standards and inspiring others just continues to go from strength to strength.”

Jo Simpson

Executive Coach – Speaker – Values Based Leadership Trainer

I have been working with Derek for 6 months and he has revolutionised my approach to life and work, it is a real eye opener to talk to someone who has the same ethos and work ethics as me. I would see Derek as a friend and can see a long and prosperous relationship going forward. The STANDARDS Derek lives by and the Philosophy he shares are certainly the best way forward for ME and my BUSINESS. I feel blessed to have been introduced to him and would recommend his services to anyone.

Ian Farrant

Anglian Wealth Management

Derek is amazing, he captured his audience within the first few minutes of his presentation and challenged long-held views without alienating anyone. He shared many personal experiences and through his stories many of the audiences perceptions were changed. His presentation flew by and he certainly will be asked back to present again. He is known as the Standards Guy and believe me he has set a standard for others to follow!”

Anne Morris

Director at Winning 4 Wales Limited

“Derek’s personal triumphs and profound wisdom make him a true expert in helping people maximize both their purpose and potential. Embrace his life strategies and get ready to take your success and happiness to the highest levels.”

Roslyn Franken

Best-selling author of The A List, host of How to Thrive After 35 Radio, motivational speaker and coach

“Derek Mills is setting the world on fire explaining the difference between goals that we are driven by and Standards which we should live by. His decision to change from goal setting to Standards was a big risk that proved to be the right decision for him and his clients.”

Kathleen Haden

Featured expert in The Keeper of the Keys movie

“Derek Mills is an amazing individual who has taken his 10-second philosophy to change his path in life. Because of his own experience, he now sets the standard in teaching people how to find their purpose in life, develop a passion for what they want to do and take action towards making their passions a reality. I am honored to share the screen with him in The Keeper of the Keys. Derek Mills rocks!”

Lisa Ryan

Chief Appreciation Strategist at Grategy and author of “The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude

“I first met Derek Mills when we were filming The Keeper of the Keys, which we co-star with Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff. Derek shares his success philosophy of setting standards instead of setting goals, which resonates with my belief that one must work on self-mastery and practice Intensive Self-Care in order to have long-lasting success and happiness. He is such a beautiful soul and I wholeheartedly recommend that you listen to what he has to say.”

Hueina Su

International Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author of Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul

“Derek is the real deal, having walked the talk, and now in his new book. His words are wise, his manner impeccable. I highly recommend The 10 Second Philosophy® for anyone who desires more success in their life.”

Max Bolka

Author of The Enlightened Entrepreneur

“Derek Mills possesses the rare combination of integrity, inspiration, and perseverance. He is a testament to the notion that we each have the ability to reinvent our lives in a heartbeat. Spend just 10 Seconds in his presence and your life will be transformed.”

Steve Olsher

Reinvention Expert and Award-winning author of Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online and Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

“What I like about Derek, the Standards Guy®, is that he walks his talk. He’s followed his own advice and become a millionaire in the process. It requires a lot of integrity to do that and people who really live what they teach are not all that common in today’s world. Derek is one of those exceptional people who does what he says. This means that he is someone really worth learning from – and you’ll enjoy it!”

Tom Stone

CEO – Great Life Technologies, author of the Power of How, Vaporize Your Anxiety and Trauma Resolution Made Easy

Derek’s dynamic delivery and thought provoking concepts forge a powerful alliance between habitual tendencies and our highest possibility for excellence. Just being in the passionate presence of this man you immediately sense a formula for greatness.

Molly Lord

Creator Tuned-In Productions

Derek Mills, The Standards Guy, offers a great philosophy and practical advice for achieving all you want in life. In the 10 Second Philosophy, he shows how change can happen in seconds. This is a wise, inspiring, heart-opening approach.

Marci Shimoff

NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in the film, The Secret

Derek Mills has found out how to create lasting success. He walks his talk- it’s powerful and inspiring and a gift that he’s sharing with us all”

John Gray

Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Derek Mills gave one of the most inspiring and practical talks at Tree of Life. He left the audience with clear steps they could take in their lives to achieve real success. He is a truly uplifting speaker!

Joginder Bola

Director of Tree of Life

CONGRATULATIONS, my friend! Derek, it’s WONDERFUL! Well done, truly. I loved reading your story. Your words are so incredible, credible, and inspiring. They’re exactly what people need to hear. They’re exactly what I needed to hear to remind myself of all that I already know, and recommit myself to do even better. I LOVE IT!

Dr Bonnie McDonald

Practice Manager at Visions HealthCare

Derek Mills not ONLY recovered from financial and physical ruin, but he did so by NOT following goal setting procedures! His book “The 10 Second Philosophy”, gives hope for millions of people that are frustrated by the normal goal setting programs…that rarely work. And, he is a fantastic guest that my national radio audience loved.

David Essel

XM Satellite Radio Host of “David Essel Alive!