Share Your Light

Your inner genius, your TrueSelf is a gift to you and to the world. However, many is the time when you meet people who are not shining, because they are not in their TrueSelf. The pity is that they do not know that  they are withholding, deliberately or otherwise their true gifts, talents and abilities. Hence everyone, including that individual, is the lesser for it.

Imagine yourself in an enormous, dimly lit, ancient hall, which you share with a multitude of others. Each person is struggling to a greater or lesser degree, to find his or her way, in the varying darkness. You stand in one of the many corners of the hall, holding a candle. The light from the candle illuminates your corner. Then, you turn. You turn and face the room and the peoples assembled. At once you notice that everyone in the room too holds a candle, but the vast majority are not lit. In the interspaces you notice one or two other candle light’s illuminating the space around a few individuals, whilst the masses remain in the near-dark and the dark.

You look to the person next to you, catching her eye with a smile and a simple gesture, as you reach out with your candlelight and motion towards her. She responds by extending her candle-hand to you. Your candlelight lights her candle and for the first time you see one another, illuminated. There is a silent acknowledgement between you, then without speaking, you both look to the eyes of others near you. Then, both of you light the candle of another. Each of those with a light then turns to another and does the same, then yet another and another. More people turn towards the light. As each shares their light the hall gets brighter and brighter, until nearly everyone is shining a light and can see. Eventually everyone has their light shining. Some people are smiling; some are crying with joy, some are laughing with joy. The beauty of the people, the hall and the light is there for all to witness and benefit from.

Your candle burns at the same rate, diminished not one iota by the act of sharing the light. Yet you too benefit from a brighter room due to the mass of candlelight, which now surrounds you. This is one of the immutable laws. We all see more clearly now when you share the inner light of your TrueSelf. It’s you.

Being your TrueSelf lets your light shine; in doing so you will help to unbind others who are bound to their NonSelf. In shining, you give ‘permission’ so to speak, to others around you and with whom you meet, to shine. Hence we all benefit from the enhanced light. When you are your TrueSelf, using your love, gifts, talents and abilities for others; you act as a light for those who cannot ‘see’ as clearly. In the dark your TrueSelf ‘light’ is needed to show the way.  In the daylight all can see all.

The 10-Second Philosophy