Self-esteem is an inside job

Start as you mean to go on. I believe that everyone should be motivated to succeed by something more important than money or success: that something is self-esteem. 

Consider Maxwell Maltz. He was the author of the 25 million selling book, Psycho-Cybernetics. He was a plastic surgeon who realised that when he physically ‘fixed’ people, that most of them did not live, like Shrek, ‘happy ever after’ because whilst they had a new nose, they still looked in the mirror and saw reflected back a low or poor self image. Some wanted fixing again. It was not until they were able to change how they saw themselves that they changed how they treated themselves internally, emotionally and spiritually. Then they changed and became happier. 

So the key lesson here is that when you change how you represent yourself to you, and then how you represent yourself to the world outside, then massive, sometimes instantaneous change occurs. It can begin to happen in as little as 10 seconds, because when you see/feel yourself differently, the world does too.