Redefine your Standards for a better life NOW


 You could sit down sometime over the next few days and write down your goals for 2012 and beyond, OR you could completely redefine your life and how you will live it; it’s your choice. How did last years goals work out for you?

To completely redefine your life, begin now to write down Standards for yourself, to live by every day of 2012. Notice that I said Standards, not ‘a set of goals’. This is because goals are what you are going to be, do, have, in the future, next week, next month, next year. Well, tomorrow never comes! You only have now!

A Standard is a criteria, rule, level or basis for how you operate your life each day, just today, right now, and just one day at a time. It is no coincidence that we are given our life, just one day at a time. This is how we should live it. Getting the best out of yourself each day will make for you a wonderful life, because you are caused to begin operating from your ‘inner genius’ level. Another goal isn’t going to help you do this.

So make a change for a change. What would happen if you decided not to set goals for what you wish to happen in your life in 2012? Instead, set higher Standards for how YOU are going to be, in the world TODAY, and live at those Standards.  Then, and only then, if tomorrow comes for you, just do the same thing.

My life changed massively and incredibly when I stopped setting goals and decided to set new high Standards for how I was going to live my life. I instinctively knew that if I set high Standards for myself, they would make room for me, and I would grow into them.  I knew that my change would be immediate, in a way that future-based goals couldn’t, because long-term goals don’t allow such instant growth.

Then commit to sticking at those high Standards long enough to see what would happen if you did.  Share your journey with us by email. If you do this, and keep a record of your journey, you will begin to notice changes and ‘coincidences’… I also guarantee that you will change. When you change, everything will change for you.

 Derek – The Standards Guy™