Derek Mills is co-starring in a new self-empowerment movie, ‘Keeper of the Keys’. It is a film that takes the HELL out of SELF-HELP!

The fictional story line centres on Michael, an everyman finds himself having to cope with a rough couple of months. Michael loses his job, finds his home in foreclosure, and before long, his fiancée tires of his negative rants and breaks off their engagement.

Jack Canfield, in a role reminiscent of ‘A Christmas Carol’s’ Jacob Marley, appears before Michael and says he is going to send some friends who are experts to help him understand the keys and how to use them. Michael soon finds himself in a waking dream, trapped in a mysterious mansion with a supernatural spiritual guide, Elizabeth. She introduces him to the experts who will help him to regain control of his life.

As the only expert from the UK, Derek co-stars along with 15 other experts and speaks about part of his philosophy for success; ‘Standards’.

This movie is a must see and will premiere in Las Vegas on December 8 2011.

A DVD will be on sale mid January 2012 via the website, so don’t miss it.

Click to Watch a trailer of the film.