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We are all the same in as much as individual greatness is within each of us. This is where our true power lies.  Yet, as human beings we rarely stop to discover that sense of who we are. To discover ones TrueSelf is the responsibility of each person. It is vitally important to find and then live as ones TrueSelf, because not only is infinite greatness found there, it is the key to maximum personal success and happiness.


Maximum success and happiness comes quickly and easily to the person that listens to their own ‘heart and intuition’, for intuition is how the TrueSelf communicates.

There is a pathway to the TrueSelf and this pathway can be accessed within 10 seconds, more or less…  Then the infinite power of TrueSelf is available.

This access to TrueSelf does not require a sabbatical, or a retreat to some place on a mountain. It does not require you to lay on a couch in an expensively furnished office, paying heavily for the privilege.  What it takes is the right word, thought, question, phrase, or idea to take you deeper inside, to access your TrueSelf place, and once you’re there, your life will never be the same again. The 10-Second Philosophy® will show you how to find and live as your TrueSelf.

This philosophy is based upon pathways to TrueSelf and how an individual may listen for and respond to the communication that comes from their place of truth. It also shares how to pay attention to and open up for the right word, thought, question, phrase or ideas, because they are all around you when you are willing to look to see.


Your greatest decisions, ideas, and behaviour come from your TrueSelf place. My TrueSelf has never let me down.  Your TrueSelf will never let you down, because it knows you better than you know yourself and only good can come from that.  It is the real you.

This philosophy is practical because it also works from a place ‘off the mountain’, in the real world. It utilises unique approaches, including the setting of ‘DailyStandards™’, which are the missing link to goals success. Or if you don’t set goals, then you can use the practical philosophy of DailyStandards™ to achieve greater authentic success and happiness. For you cannot be more successful than if you are being all that you can be.  If you are being your all, living life as the true you, another goal will not be needed to help you, or to make you any happier. In fact it may hinder you because it takes you to a place outside of yourself, into some future that may never arrive. The problem with goals are that they are future based, taking you outside of yourself as you envision your future.  Greater joy and success in all your life’s endeavours comes from going inside yourself, not outside of yourself. The setting of DailyStandards™ in key areas of your life causes you to go inside yourself, so it is a Now experience. It will change you Now, in seconds.

People already on the mountain can help you on your way. Some people are meant to be in your life and some are meant to be in another’s life. Accept it, move on and send them, with a blessing on their journey. I am absolutely clear about one thing; that most people are not happy, because they are not who they really are, and you cannot be truly happy as ‘not you’.

The 10-Second Philosophy®