‘New Dr. Martin Luther King speech discovered’. Given in Britain!

Martin Luther King

I am very excited and honoured because later today I travel to London to be amongst the first group of people in Britain or America for a private viewing of a remarkable speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King. This had been lost to history, two of my acquaintances discovered its existence. This speech has never been broadcast on television and it is acclaimed as one of King’s most powerful and thought-provoking speeches. In November 1967, just five months before his death, King came to Britain to accept an honorary doctorate from Newcastle University – the only British University to bestow this honour on him in his lifetime. Very few people knew he had even visited Britain let alone made this speech, which remarkably was filmed. Forgotten for over 45 years in the University archive, this moving speech shows King as we’ve never seen him before.

I will share with you, what he shares this evening. 

“When we set new higher Standards, from within, we can change our self, we change our world, we change The world!” – The Standards Revolution

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