What does your life look like without that business or life problem that’s been holding you back? Better yet, what does it feel like? I’m here to help guide you to make this your reality. And show you how to free yourself from any limiting mind-set and behaviours that are currently holding you back.

In just 6 sessions with me, you’ll learn and master a simple philosophy and practical methods that took me years to realise and master.

Together we will make dramatic positive changes in your life, and guide yourself to be the one very best YOU that you desire.

Coaching Consultancy Pricing

It’s a matter of knowing and applying the practical tools, to shift your subconscious mind so that it massively and impactfully supports you. You will be changed by The 10-Second Philosophy because I will share it with you and you will change, in just a moment.

First, I want you to answer the following questions:

How much does a full, happy life mean to you? How about increasing your income 2x, 5x or even 10x or more. And how much is it worth knowing the tools and having the desire and skills to put an end to your blocks and gain control over your mind and your life?


I know of people who have spent tens of thousands of pounds in life and business coaching, or therapy in an attempt to live the life they desire, but not you!

You can change today.

For only a fraction of what others have paid, and at no risk to you, you will:

  • In Six sessions
  • Gain full control over your life
  • Put an end to the mind-set and behaviours holding you back
  • Achieve new levels of happiness, confidence, spirituality and well-being
  • Fulfil and maintain the life you desire

All for only

– £497 per session for a minimum of 6 coaching face to face sessions of 2 hours each

– £997 per session for a minimum of a 6 month period of mentoring. 6 x 3 hours face to face, plus 6 telephone sessions and personal access to me during that 6 month period.

This small investment in yourself today will pay for itself weeks, months, and years down the road as you continue to live a more fulfilled, happier, more successful life.

How You Can Begin to Make Dramatic Positive Change with the Daily Standards Philosophy & Tools?

It’s within your inner TrueSelf attitudes you find your happiness and it’s your Standards which control your behaviour.  Meaning that if you can’t control and maintain your Standards by the day, living as your TrueSelf, then your true and greatest abilities and talents will not flow into your life.

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Thank you