Knowledge of our Emotions & TrueSelf


Love and Light

We have within us the whole range of emotions that we came here, to this mortal plane with. All of those emotions part of ‘us”: fear, joy, anguish, nervousness, ecstasy, exhilaration, power, weak, sad, love, happiness…

Is it wrong to experience a range of emotion?

Consider that we are taught to resist the emotion of fear. Yet fear is something we came here with. ‘Flight or fight’ fear is our friend. Therefore it is part of us, part of our mortal experience.  Understand that excess fear leads to loss, so we must not let fear control or direct us. 

Anguish and sorrow too are part of the human emotional smorgasbord: At the death of Lazarus, Jesus cried.  In the garden of Gethsemane ‘Jesus wept’ for a third time. He did not weep with joy, but from sorrow and pain.  Through his tears he further connected to us and knew us.  Those emotions were part of his experience too. Through those shared emotional experiences he knew of us.

The emotional gifts of love, kindness & happiness are the greater blessings.

Be your whole TrueSelf, experience a range of emotions. Know them that you may know and love life, being able to empathise with the journey of others.  Be controlled by none, except one, LOVE.  LOVE & LIGHT is what we came here as. When we shuffle off this mortal coil, we go once more, in LOVE & LIGHT.

Derek Mills

The 10-Second Philosophy® book & ‘sharings’