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Awaken Your ‘Inner-Guru’ and Heal Your Life

14th & 15th June 2014

inner guru

Prosperity is within you. During this workshop with Derek, he will be covering how to turn on and reveal your own personal inner Guru. You’ll also learn how to live by a practical Philosophy which makes an impact every single day of your life.

Derek became wealthy in the outside world, by daily accessing his inside world. He co-starred in an international, award-winning movie, became an award winning Executive Producer of another film and an international inspirational teacher. Derek will share with you how he went from poor to wealthy and provide the tools for you to sculpt your life from the marble of opportunity, to one based upon the true gift, the angel and cherub that are inside you now.

He has counselled international leaders and has caused a revolution in the business and personal development world with his unique and easily transferable teachings. You will learn and practice how to speak the language of your guru and to establish deep relationships so that you access your latent abilities and are guided from your conduit to the source. Whether you are waking up, awake, a coach, teacher, trainer or enlightener, you are welcome.

Within this workshop you will discover how to recognise and utilise the 10-Second moments which the universe is constantly providing you, to have instant happiness and long-term prosperity and wealth in your life.

If you have ever set goals and wondered why your life still hasn’t worked out, you will learn why, as Derek shares why and how setting Daily Standards (not more goals) from your inner Guru, will create more success for you right now.

Join Derek for the optional hour on Friday evening, where you can ask him about his mentoring, coaching and teachings.

When you leave this workshop you will have a workbook of guidance from Derek and wisdom from your inner Guru; the genesis of your pathway to your true wealth and happiness.


Join us on this Brightlife workshop with Derek Mills on the 14th and 15th June 2014 in the Isle of Man

For more information or to book in, please visit the Brightlife website. We look forward to welcoming you for the weekend

Derek Mills – After almost 18 years failing to be himself, in pain in all of the main areas of his life, Derek had his first 10-Second awakening…He became truly INspired and went from depressed and broke to being what he calls his TrueSelf, happy and prosperous, overnight. He discovered that he had a Guru inside of him, and that whenever he tuned into the guidance from this Guru, his life took incredible shifts. Derek renewed his life and began to live from the Guru within. Now, a few short years later, author of The 10-Second Philosophy®, published by Hay House, he travels the UK and the world sharing his talks and workshops.