How to live an extraordinary life Today


How to live an extraordinary life Today

Life is full of changes. How is it that one person seizes moments in their life and uses them to become Extraordinary, whilst another person ‘misses’ the moments that could change them and hence retains an ordinary life?
The ordinary, unaware, may say to themselves: “This is what I can do…This is what is possible for me…This is my lot…This is who (all) I am”. With these thoughts they deny themselves the chances to discover their gifts, talents and who they really are. They remain poor and they rarely become prosperous. They limit their life opportunities based upon what they allow themselves to be open to.
When we become aware of certain truths we can change everything and become prosperous in every area of life that is important to us. There are truths that have remained disguised, hidden by myth and clouded by judgement for over 100 years. An individual’s ‘truth’ is more powerful than will-power, and more powerful than courage. The moment that we are opened to these truths, we change, and when we change, everything changes for us.

Our truth is that which we came here with and as. It is our true gifts, abilities, intentions and talents. Every single one of us has an incredible reserve of truth within us, yet it is only when we tap-in to our abilities and bring them into our lives, that we discover an easy way (for us) to become prosperous, successful, wealthy and most importantly happy!  The 10-Second Philosophy defines happiness and success as:

Being on the path of realising ones TrueSelf and then acting from that place, to make that which we discover, real in the world. To the degree that we Realise and Realise=Realise2, (Realise squared), we are already happy in our Being, because this is the thing that brings the most satisfaction, purpose and light to our being.

What the 10-Second Philosophy teaches is how to discover your truth and, practically how to act from that place each day. We change our lives and the lives of the world around us when we:

1)      Discover our truths

2)      Trust our TrueSelf

3)      Act from that place in all areas of our life. Daily Standards™  help massively

The step to our path begins when we take that inward journey, looking introspectively to discover what lies within. It is then about being open enough to accept the guidance, intuition, and messages that come, following our instincts (rather than ‘over thinking’ and second guessing ourselves) and taking action from that place each day. To think and feel will not bring you and your loved ones the life you deserve. You must act today! After almost 2 decades of failing in the areas of life that mattered the most to me, I realised that the mind and the ego are not the greatest tools we have when it comes to achieving true success and happiness in our business or personal life. 

Once we act from our Truth and utilise Daily Standards™, as the 10-Second Philosophy defines, we change, and when we change, everything changes for us. We get to live an Extraordinary life.

I urge you to have no assumptions about tomorrow, for today is all we have. Act as if that were true and the change begins. I’m excited to hear what happens for you when you discover your truth, stay with your Truth, acting from that place, long enough to see what would happen if you did…

May Prosperity be your experience

If you haven’t yet read the 10-Second Philosophy, take a look below at some of the fantastic reviews and visit Amazon  or Derek’s website to read more about how people’s lives have changed after reading it.

I have gleaned a lot of good usable material from many self help authors…Tony Robbins; Byron Katie; Michael Neill, et al…..But no one has ever scored the pragmatic bullseye – use this info NOW – with me the way Derek Mills has. The distinction between Standards versus Goals created the key that put everything in place…I blush to use the old reviewer’s cliché…’if you could only buy one self help book, buy this one!’…but there you go, I mean it.

Bob McIver

I remember first seeing this book on a shelf in Waterstones, picking it up and wondering what a ’10-second philosophy’ meant. The first few pages left quite an impression on me but I put it back, making a mental note to return and purchase it. I now understand why…

In the months that followed, I read numerous books that helped create and hone my knowledge and the receptiveness within my mind for the extremely powerful yet simple message Derek Mills speaks about – Standards.

Coupled with the knowledge contained in Jeff Olson’s most excellent book, ‘The Slight Edge’, this is nothing short of amazing! I have enjoyed a state of greater happiness, contentment, confidence, progress and personal growth in the last 6 months compared with any other period in the last three decades.

I can not recommend this book more highly than this. Truly Fantastic Stuff!!!


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