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I was in Tallinn, Estonia, a couple of years ago and I sat in the main square having lunch with my friend Edward. I had mentored Edward for part of his career in financial services. We spoke about the previous two years with fondness and counted our blessings. We gave thanks and toasted life. Two years earlier Edward had come to me because he had been declined (refused/rejected) for life insurance and critical illness cover. This upset him. He was only 41, but he was overweight and had high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Over the previous few years Edward had witnessed my eating, health, and fitness Standards over the years, so he asked for guidance. When I asked him how he got dressed in the morning, he looked at me askance.

‘What do you mean?’ he asked.

So I explained about the finger in the collar and the belt. Then I asked him what he did when he put on weight. He replied that he just purchased a bigger shirt or suit. We laughed – a lot – but right there and then we discussed and agreed upon some new daily health and fitness Standards he could use with immediate effect. These included the right type of eating and exercising.

‘Your body will give you support based upon the Standards that you set and keep!’                

Edward set down the new Standards and committed to them by the day and each day, one day at a time. After a moment of consideration, he shared something with me that brought a lump to my throat. He said that his new Standards were based on him living a life that would keep him ‘above ground,’ and he would maintain his new health and fitness Standards in order to see his children grow up and marry, and walk his daughter Michelle down the aisle. In the next year Edward got in shape. We worked in the same building, so I was able to see that transformation. At times I would walk by his office and see him eating greens, salads, nuts, and berries at his desk. Edward now looks and feels the best he has for a very long time.

Every single day you exist is compounded onto the next day, week, month, year, and decade. If your body is unfit and doesn’t support you, or you become ill and die before your time as a result, it will be largely because of what you did, or didn’t do, each and every day, with your health and fitness Standards. One day at a time. That’s how we get life, and that’s how we should live it. Today I could eat a huge pile of fries and drink beer while lying flat on my couch, and I won’t die as a result of it. But if I run that regime, living at that Standard or something similar, every single day, then I’m likely to lose my health, and possibly my life, sooner than I’d like.

                                       ‘Little things make up your life’  
                                                  Dominique Mills aged 8

‘Little things’ don’t only ‘make up your life,’ they can either keep you alive or cause you to check out early. Many people will wait until they are so overweight that they can’t get into their clothes! How does your life pan out if that’s your personal health and fitness Standard? Life isn’t a goal. You can wait until your clothes don’t fit or you can agree that your collar and waist size is a Standard that shall not be breached. The old way said get overweight and then set a goal to lose it. Baloney! State your Standards, (agree on a baseline, level, quality or rule) for you, and do the things just today to support and keep that level. Then commit to sticking to those Standards just one day at a time ONLY. I.e. if you wake up in the morning, commit only for that day. It’s about Daily Standards. Forget making this a goal. Goals don’t work. It’s about Daily Standards, nothing else. Use the PERFECT resource on this website to support you to review and set new Standards.

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