Hay House Author Derek Mills Speaks Out On International Stuttering Awareness Day 2012

Never underestimate who may suffer from stuttering – some of the world’s best known personalities such as Marilyn Monroe and Emily Blunt were/are affected. Read more to learn more about this complex disorder that can affect anyone at any age on International Stuttering Awareness Day 2012.

Did you know that Bill Withers, Marilyn Monroe and Sir Winston Churchill all suffered with stuttering? Hay House UK & USA author and former fellow stutterer Derek Mills, speaks out in support of International Stuttering Awareness Day 2012 (22/10/12)

Derek Mills is a recently published author with Hay House in The UK & USA. He suffered from extreme stuttering as a direct physical and emotional response to the sudden death of his mother when he was only 13.

Today, Derek, who is also known more affectionately as “The Standards Guy®”, speaks to audiences the world over about the life learnings that prompted him to write his new book, ‘The 10-Second Philosophy: A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius’. According to Derek:-

“People who meet me are normally shocked to learn that I stuttered for 12 years or so. Films like ‘The King’s Speech’ have certainly brought stuttering more into the public arena but still slightly glorify a condition that literally renders you speechless – particularly when others jibe and mock, making you more self-conscious.

“Whilst I am not a medical expert, I know first-hand and from fellow stutterers alike, that this condition can be prompted by a life-changing trauma – in my case, the sudden death of my mother when I was 13. It is so important for parents to educate their children about stuttering in the classroom and why kids should encourage their stammering classmates rather than taunt – which may be easier said than done, I appreciate ”, he added.

To celebrate International Stuttering Awareness Day 2012, brush up on your Stuttering knowledge with a list of ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stuttering’…

1.    British-born Hollywood actress, Emily Blunt, is a former stutterer whose teacher encouraged her to act to assist with her condition

2.    Stammering and stuttering are two terms used interchangeably to refer to the same speech disorder. Both refer to a problem in which an individual has difficulty forming words in their entirety*

3.    Another term for stammering and stuttering is speech disfluency*

4.    Approximately one per cent of both The UK and US populations are affected by stuttering*

5.    Men are four times more likely to be affected than their female counterparts**

6.    People generally do not stutter when they sing, whisper, speak in chorus, or when they do not hear their own voice**

7.    The year 2009 marked the launch of a stuttering awareness ribbon. Its color is sea green. Blue has conventionally been associated with calm, while green symbolizes freedom and justice***

8.    When stuttering has abrupt onset secondary to a psychological trauma, it is described as psychogenic stuttering****

9.    British actor Michael Palin agreed to The Michael Palin Centre (UK) being named after him following his role in ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, in which he portrayed a character called Ken who stammered. He based the role on his own father who suffered from stammering all his life*****

10.    Stammering usually begins between two and five years old at a time when a child’s language skills are developing*****

The 10-Second Philosophy, published by Hay House Uk & USA, is available to buy at Barnes & Noble/http://www.bn.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com
‘The 10-Second Philosophy’ is also available to buy as an e-book.