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Have you heard what people are saying about ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’ published September 2012 by Hay House?

Keep reading for a small taste of the wonderful things being said about this fantastic book:


Lee Clarke The Ten Second Philosophy is easy to read, written in a way that immediately aligned me with the author. I was making notes from the very start and the ideas in the book have already made a positive impact on my life. In my opinion this could be the motivational book of the year!

Joanne Simpson I loved reading the 10 Second Philosophy. It was as though Derek was speaking to me from the pages.

DrewN Since reading this life changing book I now realise that the things that I have achieved are things I have particularly high standards in and the things that I have not yet achieved are things that I wish for but my standards do not connect with. Thank you Derek, this book was like a breath of fresh air to the countless books I have read in the past on goal setting.

Jeff I am already seeing the changes in my life and enjoying life again. A life changing read!

M. Leslau Amazing book – so simple yet makes total sense.

Joanne This is a great book well written and very eye opening. It could change your life! Living by standards really can work and benefit all the family.

Mrs D. This is simply one of the best books that I have ever read… Derek Mill’s easygoing mixture of storytelling and practical guidance means his 10-second philosophy is just so easy to get and use in all areas of life – business and personal.

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