Give us THIS day!

For in this day, today, we can make our lives anew.
In this day we can make and renew vows to ourselves,
In this day we can begin to live out the true meaning of the miracle of our birth.
This day.

Freewill we were given, which is freedom to choose our thoughts and emotions. We make our thoughts become things; this is part of the gift. No other animal in creation has this gift. A gift is not a gift unless it is appreciated, which means ‘to make more of’, ‘to increase in value’ your gift.

We do not need to know, weigh and measure everything that we do not know, in order to know it. We can just have faith; faith in god, faith in ourselves, faith in our sisters and brothers, faith in infinite intelligence, faith that the good will win in the end. So, have faith, because we are meant for greatness here…

We have to play our part. We have access to more latent ability than we could dare to dream. It all begins with desire to be who and what we can be.

We all have that desire. Now let us have the faith.

Derek Mills – from ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’