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Kicking, punching, blocking, resisting. Karate was very compatible with my life in my mid 30’s, during my times of ‘clinical unhappiness’ and pre-10 second moments.

It reflected on how I was as a person at the time. Karate is very focused on striking and blocking, and that was how I was going through life. It started when a client told me he was a karate instructor, and his enthusiasm for the art got me to start. However, it was all coming from the outside.

I began to practice karate. Eventually I became good enough to enter kumite (fighting tournaments). There was one event where I had a glimpse of my TrueSelf. I was taking part in an open karate tournament. At that point I was a brown belt. My opponent was a black belt and an England fighter at the time. I had watched this guy fight his way through his half of the competitors, as I fought my way through my half of the 32 man knockout competition. He was beating guys for fun. He was quick, technically superb and aggressive. We both reached the final.


During the middle of that fight I had somehow, unconsciously tapped into my TrueSelf ‘Zone’, and literally became untouchable. I clearly recall the last 30 seconds of the bout where I was smiling and counting backwards the seconds, as my opponent tried to kick and punch me, all to no avail. I could see/sense everything he was going to do and this caused me to smile because I was amazed at what was happening to me. My opponent couldn’t land a hit and I beat him. It was as if I’d accessed some inner genius, which could just take care of stuff for me!

When the finishing bell rang, I punched the air and he, distraught and obviously bewildered, dropped to his knees and shouted angrily. We both knew that apart from the duration of our fight in the final, he was and remains, a better fighter than me. So what happened to give me such a huge advantage and win, over a ‘better’ man? 


A couple of years later I eventually attained my 1st Dan Black-belt in Shotokan Karate. As you will know, my life took a significant shift in my late 30’s when I was guided by my TrueSelf to seek out and learn another martial art, Aikido. This guidance came from the inside and I took action from that place.

I began looking on the internet, and I visited a couple of clubs, but there were just a few in the West Midlands area, and they were so far away that it was impractical travel-wise. For a while, every option seemed inconvenient and awkward. And yet I knew that aikido was something I was going to do…

One day, I picked up the free local newspaper that had been put into our mailbox. There on the back page was a photo of members of a brand new Aikido club which had just opened. Incredibly it was just 5 minutes away by car! (Talk about the Laws of Attraction and Connection at work!). It was incredible to see how this opportunity was created just for me 😉


Our true genius (by now you are already aware each and every one of us is a genius within, yes?) and incredible opportunities are available when we dare to tap into our truth, which is our TrueSelf, the person we came here as. We change everything when we tap into that space and act from that place.

karate manAikido is often translated as “the Way of unifying with life energy” or “the Way of harmonious spirit.” Ai – joining or unifying, ki – spirit, energy, dō – way, path. The physical external way of karate suited me for part of my journey, and that which I learned is still within me. Aikido is my martial art, it sits easily with me, I enjoy it and I am excelling. It’s as if I’ve done it before because I seem to know what’s right even when I don’t know what I’m doing. Remember the glimpse that I had of my TrueSelf, my inner genius, when in the final of that karate competition? That access to my inner genius comes to me, ever so frequently now, as I practice Aikido. This happens only when I let go of my ego and conscious thoughts, trust the learning and follow my inner awareness. I trust that inner guidance in so many areas of my life, not just Aikido because that place is where my genius lives! It’s where your genius lives too!

Each of us knows who and what we are inside. The question is… will we allow our truth and gifts to be in our lives? Will we trust it? Do we believe what it is guiding us to do?

My friend and author Becky Walsh is very intuitive. Becky has a favourite saying; “You do know”. I know that she is right. Something inside each of us, knows more of us and IS MORE OF US than we think. Our TrueSelf knows all of our abilities because it is our gifts and abilities; it is the true expression of us.

When you follow your TrueSelf, it guides you to what is right for you. If you shake off the shackles of NonSelf, you can follow the journey that is YOU, and your path will open up to you. Then incredible ‘happenings’ will occur which accelerate you towards whatever you call success.  

Have a Wonder-Full day!