The Standards Guy – Living The-10 Second Philosophy®

Living The 10-Second Philosophy® – Audio Programme

This philosophy is a practical guide to releasing your inner genius. In this 3 part training program you will learn:

• How to get started with the 10-Second Philosophy® and create Standards in your life
• How to embrace your true authentic nature and find your gifts, talents and abilities that you can use to express in this world.

Your host Bertrand Dory asks questions that will help you:

1 – Define and live by your Standards
2 – Get connected with your TrueSelf and live from this place of your authentic power
3 – Live The 10-Second Philosophy®

We hope you will enjoy this philosophy and that you will finally get in touch with your TrueSelf, true power and find these gifts, tangents and power you have inside you so you can express them in the world, to create a more fulfilling life for yourself and everybody around you.