The 10-Second Philosophy® – Paperback

Derek Mills’ story of how he turned his life around from failing in his business and personal life to creating a massively successful and harmonious life, will both inspire you and warm your heart. It only took one seemingly insignificant question from an office security guard one night for Derek to stop, connect deep within himself and in the next 10 seconds begin to see a way to change his entire life completely. Derek’s philosophy of immediate change – The 10 Second Philosophy® – will transform your business, relationships and life and also bring you a sense of empowerment.

In the book you will discover how to:

  • Understand and experience how lasting change can happen in seconds
  • Use the words, thoughts, questions and phrases we encounter in our everyday lives to access your inner genius, your TrueSelf
  • Follow the guidance of your TrueSelf to set Standards – not goals – for all areas of your life to achieve real success
  • Find the courage to become who you truly are and fulfil your potential while remaining fully connected to the natural flow of the world around you

This is a book of practical enlightenment from a man who became an unintentional guru for a great many people when they started asking how he changed his life around. The 10 Second Philosophy® will help you change and when you do, everything will change for you. Your own personal, professional and spiritual revolution can begin.

It is being published by the world leading publisher in this field, Hay House.