Discover How to be Happy and Successful as your TrueSelf





Join me at the annual Tree of Life Festival on Saturday 11th October.

My TrueSelf told me to Stop Setting Goals and instead Set Standards for how I live each day. I was guided to understand that goals are future based, and that we, as human beings, allow them to take us out of our TrueSelf, into NonSelf. Standards are the basis, criteria, levels, qualities and rules that we live by just for today, one day at a time. They help keep us in TrueSelf, releasing our inner genius into our lives to create the life we deserve.







Click here to see full details of the festival and to book your tickets. There will be lots of great speakers at the festival to share their stories with you.

Sometimes all it takes is a different philosophy, a different way of looking at things, and we change inside. When we change, everything changes for us. There are words, thoughts, questions, phrases and ideas which we encounter in our everyday lives that can lead us to our inner genius, our TrueSelf, in just 10 -Seconds. It took just 10-Seconds… after a seemingly insignificant question from an office security guard late one night, for everything to change for me. When we begin to trust our TrueSelf it serves us in ways that we could not have dreamed of.

I look forward to seeing lots of you there.