Create Your Best Life IN A DAY

create your best life in a day

Date: 18 October 2014
Time: 10.00 -17.00
Venue: The Bentovin Room, 8 Ridgmount St, London, WC1E 7AA
Tickets:  £55.00 – Buy Tickets here

Do you want to break free from the stuff that holds you back? Do you want to live an empowered, connected life? Do you know how to successfully apply the Law of Attraction? Do you want abundance, happiness and peace?

Join us for a daylong workshop where the incredible talents of Derek Mills and Michael James unite to offer you the very real opportunity of living your life as an empowered individual.

This workshop is a very unique opportunity to connect with your truth and discover your true path: applying the Law of Attraction into your everyday life and “Living in the Now”

Derek will explain his revolutionary PERFECT Life Standards system™ which enables you to live your life as your truth, allowing your gifts, talents and abilities to flow, and bringing prosperity to your life. He credits this practical philosophy absolutely, with his ability to build a multimillionaire lifestyle within a few years, after a lifetime of struggle. Better still, it’s a happy life.

Michael brings cutting-edge clarity into living the Law of Attraction through his research in psychological and spiritual methods at The Law of Attraction Centre. His approaches have worked for thousands from all walks of life – and he has the success stories to prove it.
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For this workshop, both viewpoints will combine to create a brand new event; less of a seminar and more of a free-flowing conversation, with opportunities to ask questions. With brand new insights and opportunities to reveal your Inner-Guru and heal your inner life right NOW

This interactive workshop will explain:
• How to create an abundant life and find more peace of mind right NOW!
• How to become the real you or your TrueSelf
• How to create your reality and the secret to applying the Law of Attraction
• How to Reveal Your Inner-Guru and Heal Your Life

Derek and Michael would love for you to join them for this event. You can use this link for further information and to book now.

We look forward to seeing you there; thank you for your continued support.