Changing Standards with the ’10-Second Philosophy’

 Living as our TrueSelf

How effective are you at being you? How true to yourself are you? What are the Standards that run your life?
All of us have Standards that serve us and honour who we truly are. They positively empower us because they come from our truth and help us stay in our truth. We have other Standards too that limit us and which do not honour or serve us. Where did these second set of Standards come from? Most of these Standards we gathered by osmosis, with no deliberate intent. We collected and utilised them from others, our workplace, parents, community, teachers, society, friends and associates during childhood, early adolescence, the early part of out careers and, of course the media with which we engage or subscribe. We rarely sat down and considered which would be the best Standards for us or the impact that certain Standards would have on our lives, and that we have choices still. Is it possible and how beneficial would it be to change some of our existing Standards and to let go of some altogether? If so, how do we do it?
From ‘The 10-Second Philosophy®’ by author Derek Mills