Cake – What Can We Learn From It?

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Hello. Are you a cake lover?

Would you eat a cup of caster sugar, self-raising flour, or a slab of butter or two? Would you gulp down some raw eggs? No, me neither.

But mixed together and baked for long enough, at the right temperature, you have a beautiful cake.

Life is also made of ingredients. Often the way we live is based on how we put together the ingredients in our life, the things we do and our mindsets, sometimes called our philosophy.

The 10-Second Philosophy is a word, thought, question, phrase or idea that causes you to look introspectively; and as a result of that journey, to have feedback from yourself as to how to change your life, for you, immediately. When you follow this TrueSelf guidance you will change and when you do, everything will change for you. Your Standards will emerge.


Individual parts of the philosophy are somewhat like that cake. They are okay on their own, but in the right context, mixed with the other ingredients of the philosophy and used for long enough with the right attitude; they will make you a lovelier life.

For true success and contentment, we set new (and higher) Standards, but if we don’t combine it with being our TrueSelf, we cannot make the lasting change.

You can’t make a cake without breaking some eggs. It is also true that we can’t access our greatest Self without daily practices, whether that is sitting quietly, meditation, visualisation, or some other ‘mindbodyspirit’ practice.  We do have to take ACTION because it is when we are centred that we become able to habitually dip into our TrueSelf and access the gifts which are within.  The genius within each and every one of us is ready to serve us and the world, when we open up ourselves to it.


The very best time to ‘go within’ is when we recognise that we are becoming stressed, or pulled into NonSelf. In these moments we must follow the recipe.

Jamie Oliver, the hugely successful and famous British chef, provides cookbooks which show how to prepare beautifully tasty ‘15 minute meals’. This is because he recognises, as do the millions who buy his 15 minute books, that even with the best will in the world, we haven’t always got time to do a 2 hour preparation and cooking process!  So here is my quick recipe to the inner self. The first three steps will take you no more than 10 seconds:

1)         Stop whatever you are doing

2)         Pause

3)         Become aware of and put your attention upon your breathing

4)        Be still and hold that relaxed state until any anxiety or stress dissipates

5)         Go Inside your heart, listen and BE guided from that inner place 

In the 10-Second Philosophy book, there are three processes which you can take and play with in order to strengthen that connection with ‘Self’. By using these exercises, you can begin to re-establish any existing lost connection and lose any unsettled feelings. Most importantly, as we side-step the ego with these practices, they allow us to develop more trust between us and our truth. Then, like any other new relationship, as we develop this trusting relationship, our TrueSelf trusts us with more, and reveals more to us via words, thoughts, questions, phrases, ideas, feelings or intuition…  This deeper relationship with the genius of our TrueSelf can only be done by moving away from any egoic expectations and second guessing any attachment to outcome.   

Whatever comes through for you, you must ACT upon it. Set your Standards, adapt your philosophy, and continue to seek inner wisdom. If you don’t combine setting Standards with being your TrueSelf, you cannot make the lasting change. To go deeper, we need to follow, and be led by, our ‘Self’.


It is difficult to trust your ‘Self’ fully just because you are here now reading these words on this page. Sometimes we have been out of TrueSelf for so long, that we need to start with the little things.

It could be as little as, where to sit on the train or bus; where your TrueSelf feels like eating lunch today; who has just popped up in your mind; words or questions that come to you about seemingly unimportant matters; you are guided to turn right instead of the usual left…

Seek those who can help you to stick to your Standards. As difficult as it may at first be, we need to let go of those around us that pull us away from our truth and into NonSelf.  Whilst every new Standard affects everything else, we can actually accelerate our success and the path to our inner gifts by setting and living from Standards in every area of our life.


Whatever message or guidance comes, we must listen to it, and take the action. Then the TrueSelf feels trusted and will give you guidance on bigger and more important matters.  Hence, little by little, we strengthen our inner connection. Our instinct and our intuition have always been there, but we have to put the time and energy into strengthening them.

When you use the components together, you stand a much greater chance of your life taking on a hue. It will become more appealing, attractive, tasty and delicious, for both you and the world around you. This is a recipe for true happiness and success.

See if you can use all the ingredients in your life today. Where will today take you?