Inspirational Speaker

Derek is available to speak at your next event.  He travels extensively and you may find him anywhere from the UK to Europe, USA or Asia over the coming months.

Topics Include:

  • The 10-Second Philosophy®
  • Setting Standards for greater happiness and success
  • Become happy as your TrueSelf

If you would like to book Derek to:

  • Present at your next conference or event
  • Stimulate, inspire and motivate your people
  • Resonate with the audience with real life stories

Contact Derek’s agent

T: +31 (0)43 343 21 69

When Derek speaks, people listen. Not just because of the special way he articulates his own story, but when telling stories about how the people he’s met, the things he’s experienced and lessons he’s learned, you instantly feel the pull of familiarity.  These are your stories too. Derek speaks with empathy, understanding and passion about what is possible in life, in business, and how to deal with the big issues that can affect our personal productivity, and the things that trip us up in life.

For Media Appearances, please contact:

Sonja Graham

Tel: 0121 215-0909

The 10 Second Philosophy®

It might take only a moment – or what Derek calls his 10 Second Philosophy®, to finally ‘get it’. By getting it, he means, the things that you’ve been trying to learn all your life.  The words you find in books, spoken by speakers at conventions, training material, the nagging of your mother or partner… what ever it is that you’ve been not quite seeing or understanding is what generally holds you back from being your TrueSelf.    When you meet that point of ‘getting it’, then clarity is yours.  And when you have clarity, your life begins to start unfolding in ways where miracles really can be a daily part of your life.   Derek explains how in this keynote presentation.

Setting Standards for Greater Happiness and Success – The P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Life Standards System

Why keep setting goals, when you need to first set Standards.  There are 7 critical areas of this:

  • Personal Health & Fitness
  • Environment
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Emotions
  • Career/Job
  • Time

Learn more in this engaging, and interactive keynote which is also easily delivered as a workshop.

Become Happy as your TrueSelf

Just how do you go from living hand to mouth each month, to becoming a millionaire living with daily miracles only a few years later?  This is a fascinating story, and shared with wonderful stories, insights and compassion for all the Hero’s waiting to unleash their magical lives.  It’s a story about finding your TrueSelf, and the Laws of Connection – just what happens when you begin living a life with Standards, and changing your expectations.

This is a keynote presentation which serves audiences from both the corporate world, and anyone seeking additional inspiration with take home value they can apply to their lives immediately.