Are You On The Mountain Or Off The Mountain?

There is a mountain, a spiritual mountain, that exists. The mountain is near the source. Some people choose to live on the mountain, benefiting from its strength, breathing its air, and cleansing constantly the burdens of the world. Others choose to live away from the mountain. Some of those people don’t know that there is a mountain and some don’t care for it, while others know that it’s there but struggle to find time in their lives to move towards it.







In my talks and coaching I regularly meet OnMo (on-the-mountain) and OffMo (off-the-mountain) people. OnMo people are often the nicest, kindest, most spiritual people you could hope to meet. Some occupy base camp and others are near the top, meditating and praying for you, the world and me, but Mother Teresa they are not. Mother Teresa, as saintly as she was, knew the importance of money in this world. She demonstrated this when she used it to help the poor and sick. It saddens me when I meet lovely, spiritual people who are struggling to pay the bills. My intention is in helping them to realize that they too could have the financial benefits of the world if that’s what they want.

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OffMo are also, in the main, nice people, yet they occupy the material world. The extreme OffMo people believe it’s about the money. The extreme OffMo people live far from the mountain. It’s still their mountain, but if it doesn’t fold and they can’t count it, it doesn’t matter to them. It is also my intention that my work helps OffMo people to benefit and have a richer experience of the world, being true to themselves; while still making money and enjoying their Journey.

It’s also my desire to help people who view themselves in any way OffMo, to move towards and even onto the mountain. It will be my bliss to see this happen and for the world to benefit as a result. I understand now that the path leading from the mountain and the path leading to the mountain are the same path. What matters is what direction you’re going. Which direction are you going? What do you feel is inside of you now?


We live in a construct of the collective consciousness of the NonSelf OffMo people and TrueSelf OnMo people. Everything that keeps you away from TrueSelf, keeps you off the mountain. Sometimes it may feel easier to stay away from the mountain, to stay asleep. But that feeling is nothing more than another hook or trap of NonSelf. That feeling is nothing but an illusion.








When you begin to act from inner sapience, some people whom you have known for years will begin to ‘see’ you for the very first time. Some, who have been on the periphery of your life and living mutually ‘unseen’ for a very long time, will begin to ‘see’ you. The cognoscenti of your client and business world will ‘see’ you too, and treat you accordingly. And those otherwise connected ‘strangers’ you meet will see you now, too. As you change along your Journey, others change too, reflecting your new self back at you. The right clients, friends, and connections will find you; the ‘wrong’ ones won’t. Don’t let your fear of what people may say about you, kill your ability to access your TrueSelf abilities. Painful experience has taught me that living your life as the world expects, is harder than attempting to run with lead boots and a bungee band on.


Are you moving towards or away from the mountain? Stop now and consider, then begin to act and be guided by your inner sapience and be prepared for what happens for you.