ACTivate your Greatness


single sunflower seed




The sunflower seed, left in a drawer or packet, contains every ounce of what it is, already within. The seed has the right DNA, information, atoms, energy, built in intelligence and awareness to become a magnificent flower; with the ability to reproduce more seeds and flowers, than there are stars in the Milky Way. Yet, if that seed lies dormant in a drawer, it remains non-productive for all eternity unless it is ACTivated.

If not Activated, then all of its potential, all of its ability to REALISE its full productivity and potential (including food, oil, and beauty), is lost. Nothing happens unless that seed is Acted upon. It must be taken out of the drawer and ACTivated.

We, like that seed, have all of our goodness, our greatness and potential locked within. That goodness, that potential for greatness, does not come out unless we Act upon ourselves. I don’t know why this is, I wasn’t there when the rules were made, but we all know this to be true.

That seed has ‘partners’ in its greatness, and these ‘partners’ do their bit. When the seed is planted, nurtured and watered, the sun and the soil do their part freely and bring out all of the greatness; converting potential into reality. Thus it is for each of us.

So what does this mean for your human potential, for your life, your businesses, and your prosperity?

ACTivate yourself

activated person








Each of us came into our life and our businesses with potential to be an incredible ‘sunflower’ for others and ourselves. A single sunflower may produce a flower with 1000 seeds. We are like that sunflower seed. Each seed produces a thousand more of its kind, only when sown back into the ground. Each of us can produce a multitude of positive benefits and each of those positive benefits can themselves have children of their own. Let us consider the life and elements of what it takes to Realise the sunflower seeds greatness, and how it relates to you and I.


Let whatever we believe in, in. To let the light of that belief shine on us is essential to the fulfilment of our potential. To some it is God; to some it is the universe. The key is to allow in a daily dose of whatever it is that we believe in, or have faith in, and hold that space.


Without water the plant perishes. Each day we must feed ourselves with the right life affirming connection to others. No great wealth, position or power was ever created and maintained without this one thing: Love. The water of human life and business is love. Without love for others in all of our dealings, we eventually wither and perish.


Our environment is vital to our growth and expression. In life these are the people with whom we associate. The friends with whom we flock.


Reading and listening to the great works in the fields of human potential, philosophy, personal development, psychology and love, means feeding not just our mind but our spirit, our attitude, our soul.


A mentor, guide or coach? We all need one or two of these people in our lives. Even the greatest philosophers and teachers had mentors and guides. Socrates was a mentor and teacher to Plato; as was Plato to Aristotle. The one they called Alexander the Great was mentored by Aristotle.


We must regularly review our lives and all that surrounds us. Our health & fitness Standards and our careers, all need a periodic system of review. In ancient times it was normal to take a sabbatical and consider ones growth, learning and direction. This provides time for renewal, and for weeding out.


We must harvest regularly and put that which we harvest to good use. The farmer does not leave the crop in the field to wither on the vine. She gathers in, and utilises that which has come forth thus far. Then it is time to sow, once more.


A single sunflower may produce a flower with 1000 seeds. Each seed produces a thousand more, only when sown back into the ground. Each of us therefore must gather and ‘put back’ to work the fruit of our labours once more, and our cycle of growth and development begins again. The most successful most sow once more what they reap, else that which they have previously gathered is useless, wasted, lost. I don’t know why this is, some things are just sow 😉

This is how we ACTivate our greatness. It is how we ACTivate the greatness in others. A dormant seed in a drawer remains so unless we Act.

sunflower head







Moreover, consider:

Where might you help someone else, by being to them some fertile soil, a warming sun, sources of nutrient, a supply of water, a support ‘stick’, an assistant gardener, helping them to gather the harvest; or indeed to lend a hand to help them sow the fruits, whether they can see it or not?

Look around you now and consider the people who are living their lives effectively as a sunflower seed stuck in a drawer. Could you help them? Will you help them? Would you help them; and yourself, Today?