Meet Derek

The son of Jamaican immigrants, Derek was born in Birmingham in 1965.  He grew up happily there with his six brothers and sisters, until the age of 13, when his mother died. This plunged him into the world of a stutterer.

Throughout his 20’s and 30’s, far from being successful Derek had great financial challenges and debt. His situation became dire, and at one point his family home was moments away from being repossessed by the bank. He was working long hours and this kept him away from his family. 

By the end of 2003, in a moment of despair, Derek discovered a way to live his life differently. Out of this came a unique approach that changed everything, irrevocably. Over the next four years he turned his life and business around, made his first million and people began to ask him how he did it.

Derek is the author of The 10 Second Philosophy® published by Hay House. Using the power of TrueSelf and the utilization of Standards instead of goals to achieve happiness and success, Derek is invited to speak internationally and to coach and advise others.

Derek is the creator and power behind the Standards Revolution™, through which he shares his philosophy of living by Daily Standards™. If you have ever set goals and not achieved them, then Daily Standards™ are the missing link to your happiness and success. If you have never set goals then Standards is an alternative way to live the life of your dreams.

He is eminently qualified to speak around the subject of wealth. He has conducted over 15,000 personal financial interviews with people considered to be ‘not wealthy’. In addition, in the last 10 years he has carried out over 5000 ‘millionaire meetings’ and discovered who they are, what they are, what makes them tick and their philosophy.

Derek is available to speak throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. Book him to speak here for your next conference and you’ll soon see why he regularly gets a standing ovation from very impressed audiences of 1000’s.