A New (True) Way of Being You

 Stepping stones

[An abridged extract from ‘The 10-Second Philosophy®’  by Derek Mills
 ‘A philosophy for greater happiness & success now’]

‘When I stood in my office that fateful evening I had no idea of the extent of what was being revealed to me; I was at such a low point that I didn’t appreciate the significance of what I would go through. In that moment of clarity I had tapped into my TrueSelf because of a question. As I stood there, I knew I’d hit rock bottom and my only choice was to follow the rabbit of new thoughts along the path. In that moment I stood transfixed for only a few seconds, and I knew my old way of being just wasn’t working. I knew that the answers lay in my being true to myself, and allowing what came from my core to guide me. As I did this, I felt an overwhelming surge of knowledge and certainty.

What came from within was my TrueSelf’s voice telling me to ‘STOP SETTING GOALS, and instead set new and higher Daily Standards, set new and higher Daily Standards, set new and higher Daily Standards.’ When I felt this, I knew this was my inner-self speaking, it was the real me. After all my trials and tribulations my TrueSelf was finally being heard. You don’t have to be splashing around in the water to have an Archimedes moment. A eureka moment can come from the simplest of places. When I changed to my TrueSelf, everything changed for me.  I became happy immediately, and successful ‘overnight’. When You Change, Everything Will Change For You.

Definition of ‘Standards’ for The 10-Second Philosophy:

*A Standard is a Basis, Criterion, Level, Quality or Rule, set from within, which honours and is congruent with the real you.
*We commit to living at our Standards just for today, and then only one day at a time.

Setting higher Standards for your daily life will fulfill you because they are a NOW experience, a practical ‘NOW’ activity. Happiness is a NOW experience, not to be deferred to the future based upon the hopeful achievement of some goal! Importantly, our Standards not only come from our TrueSelf, they help keep us in TrueSelf.

Eureka Moments

The book shares how to capture the Eureka moments of your life, which we call 10-Second moments, also how we can create a cascade of them to revolutionise our lives. My first (10-Second) eureka moment made so much room for me in my life, my relationships, my business, and in forging a new career. I discovered the real genius within me. In that moment I was reborn and I knew my gift. What I wrote down in that moment was so different from anything I had written down before because it gave me a new approach to life. After 18 years in business, goals weren’t working for me! Here I was, a miserable failure in all the areas of my life that mattered to me: my relationships, my health, my finances, and my peace of mind were only a few.

Right there and then I reviewed all that was dear to me. I intuitively knew I had to set new higher Standards for all areas, because everything, large or small, affects everything else. I stood in my office, grabbed a pen and paper, and began writing out a new way of life…

[An abridged extract from ‘The 10-Second Philosophy®’ by Derek Mills
 ‘A philosophy for greater happiness & success now’]

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