A gathering of Angels at my book launch..

🙂 I literally smiled the whole journey home to Worcestershire last night. I mean it, I really did 🙂 I have witnesses..

I am so grateful for the most amazing friends that came to help me celebrate my book launch for my first Hay House book, ‘The 10 Second Philosophy’, at SkattaTV, BBC. It was an AMAZING, AWESOME evening (and those that sent me messages of good wishes and love). I knew that with such beautiful people attending, that it would be, but I was still blown away. Fun, laughter, practical philosophical discussion, millions of amazing HUGS and, oh, did I mention the music. ‘The best Michael Bublé tribute’ (according to Michael Bublé – seriously!) . I even got a moment to say a few words and to do a brief reading from the book. 

*Breaking news:

I announced last night the launch of Derek Mills TV, which I have set up with SkattaTV at the BBC Centre.  So much more to tell. Please keep visiting our website www.derek-mills.com for updates, news, competitions and services. Soon the TV channel will go live:-).  Keep following me on Facebook and Twitter. Please spread the word about the book and ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’. 

**News wot broke 😉

Last night the London Evening Standard, in conjunction with Hay House, promoted my book by way of a competition!!

They are offering the book at a discount and the chance to win a coaching session with me. Visit www.hayhouse.co.uk  for promotional code: the London Evening Standard website or pick up a copy.

Thank you to The amazing team from SkattaTV, lead by the loving, incredible, human being Tricia Lichfield. To my agent Ruth Needham, my Executive Assistant Sonja Graham, Miranda Leslau, my PR and of course the outstanding Hay House team, lead by Carolyn Thorne; I thank you one and all. I deeply appreciate what you did and what you do.  

🙂 It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday and I am so very thankful for the other angels in my life. You know who you are: its YOU; my family, friends, colleagues, clients, supporters, followers. Whether you were at the launch or not, you are part of my life and my journey, as I am part of yours. I am there for you. God bless you. I thank you.

In love, light, understanding and appreciation.

Derek x