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You Can Heal Your Life in 10 Seconds!

Due to the impact of the 10 Second Philosophy (for happiness and success), I am blessed to have an article in this month’s Heal Your Life magazine along with some of the greats – Wayne Dyer, Robert Holden, Louise Hay, Phil Parker

Follow the Heal Your Life link to read the article and learn how to access your TrueSelf in just 10 seconds..


Inspirational ‘must be there’ Workshop

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Join us for a One Day Workshop with Derek Mills

10 Seconds to Change Your Life Forever!

14th September 2013 – Bournemouth, Dorset

On this workshop you will learn:

  • How to connect with your TrueSelf, your inner genius.
  • How to set Standards, not goals, in all areas of your life, to create immediate and lasting change.
  • Hear Derek’s own heart-warming, inspirational story that illustrates a new way of BEing.
  • How to find the courage to become who you truly are.

Learn how to release the best of yourself in all areas of your life to create prosperity. And you will also, of course, learn how to create wealth. It’s as easy as A, B, C & C™.

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Follow this practical philosophy for immediate change in your business and personal life for increased happiness and success.

Bring your journal to capture the incredible shifts that you will experience and record the moments. We will follow some of the exercises from the book so you truly engage with your TrueSelf.
To book onto this ‘must be there’ workshop, please click here and pay special attention to the video testimonial by Paul Bellard. He really sums up why you have to be there! There is a special early bird discount the sooner you book, so even more reason to visit the website now. If you scroll down and click on the ‘I’m interested! Tell me more!’ button, all the information you will need is there.

The workshop is in glorious Bournemouth. Why not get a group of friends together and make a weekend of it. There are lots of things to do, for some ideas click here.

See below for some testimonials and a review taken from Amazon.co.uk to see what people are saying about Derek and the 10 Second Philosophy.

Testimonials and review

He speaks of something I went through in my teens that was pivotal to the rest of my life. But which I had also forgotton or become detached from. Derek makes it easy to know where to start and to make some new chioces. It was a pleasure through and through and I wanted to share it with everyone I know.
Thank you for having the courage and ability Derek, to present what you have learned that has been most valuable in your life, so that others may benefit from your example and wisdom!

Valerie Schuch
Training and Coaching Consultant, Sheer Brilliance

Derek Mills is a man who is redefining the measure of success for so many. He shows us how setting goals is a waste of time! He proves that setting standards for the way you want to live, will make you truly successful. He eloquently delivers his message in a way that deeply serves the audience; whether from the stage, or on the screen. His outstanding track record in business, sales, wealth management, international speaking and coaching have even taken him on to become an award winning film producer. Clearly Derek turned his own life around by tapping into his inner genius; let him assist you and your audience in doing the same

I have known the author of this book through his journey, and have been inspired and humbled with the honesty and simple power with which Derek shares what may help many, many people.
Dov Baron – President Authentic Paragon Alliance. International Speaker, Author, World Leading Expert on the Power of Vulnerable Leadership

I met Derek through the British American Project, which is an association of leaders from the UK and the States. Derek impressed me with his open style and fantastic communication skills, and a real commitment to work of social worth which makes the world a better place. He’s enthusiastic and positive, and most rare in the world of business, he’s kind. It’s a privilege to be a colleague.
June Andrews
Professor of Dementia Studies at University of Stirling

This review is from: The 10-Second Philosophy®: A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius

5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon

“The last self help book needed” 27 Jun 2013 – written by Audirello

Always trying to improve my confidence, brain power, humor, health and earnings and also wanting to feel like I’m really making progress with my life I have bought countless self help books, cds and even a couple of apps (trust me, in the beginning I really needed something).

Before buying “Derek’s” book I had made a promise to work with what books I had in this category and not buy any more, I could see a clear buying pattern forming.

This book caught my eye (in a shop, sorry Amazon, you can’t win them all) and looked like it could be of interest so I gave in and bought it, one last one… So glad I did. It made sense and brought clarity to a lot of other books I’ve read in this line. Its the one book that has made a clear difference immediately. Straight away I am completely happy with where I am right now, I know what I need to do to improve some areas and any worries have gone.

My family have responded positively to the differences, not knowing there are any differences just a happier Dad/husband and I feel healthier and also deal with “potentially” stressful situations that occur at work very differently so work has been good too (can you imagine that?).
I would recommend anyone buy this book and read it from start to finish and practice. It’s easy, just be you.”

To order your own copy of The 10-Second Philosophy® please click here if you are in the UK and click here if outside of the UK