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Awaken Your ‘Inner-Guru’ and Heal Your Life

14th & 15th June 2014

Isle of Man


Join Derek for his 2 day weekend workshop and discover your own personal inner guru. You’ll learn that living by a practical Philosophy, makes an impact every single day of your life. Derek will share with you how he went from poor to wealthy and provide the tools for you to sculpt your life from the marble of opportunity, to one based upon the true gift, the angel and cherub that are inside you now. You will learn and practice how to speak the language of your guru and to establish deep relationships so that you access your latent abilities and are guided from your conduit to the source.



If you have ever set goals and wondered why your life still hasn’t worked out, you will learn why, as Derek shares why and how setting Daily Standards™ (not more goals) from your inner Guru, will create more success for you right now.

Join Derek for the optional hour on Friday evening, where you can ask him about his mentoring, coaching and teachings. When you leave this workshop you will have a workbook of guidance from Derek and wisdom from your inner Guru; the genesis of your pathway to your true wealth and happiness.

We look forward to hearing from you and to joining us for this fantastic weekend. To book in or for further information, please visit the Brightlife website

Fascinating Isle of Man fact:– English is the official language of the island but the language Manx derived from ancient Gaelic has been synonymous with the island for centuries.